What is PriceRunner?

PriceRunner is the UK’s #1 shopping comparison site, helping millions of British shoppers save money. We compare everything from TVs to vacuum cleaners, tablets to tumble dryers, laptops to washing machines.

We gather prices and information on four million items from over 1,500 of the UK’s best-loved shops, in the high street and online. We upload all this information every day so you can search or browse to find yourself the biggest bargains.

Many of our customers aren’t sure exactly which product to choose when they come to us so we’ve written buying guides for many of our most popular products, just click on the tab next to the list of products in the category you’re interested in.

We’ve also pulled together thousands of product reviews from users and trusted websites to help you decide exactly which item is best for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how PriceRunner works or how we calculate your savings then click on the About link at the top of every page to learn more or watch the video on this page.

You can also download our iOS or Android app with barcode scanner so you can compare prices on the go.

We work hard every day to bring you the best possible shopping experience to save you time and money. If there’s anything we could do better then please do let us know.

Thanks for visiting, happy shopping!