If you're still deciding exactly what and where to buy then you might find it useful to read reviews from online shoppers and independent experts.

Product reviews

Just click on the green stars next to each product or the Product Reviews tab to see customer, expert and video reviews.

Retailer reviews

Once you've decided what to buy you might want to get advice from other shoppers on which retailer to buy from. Just click the green stars next to each retailer or the Info on Retailer link.

How to leave a review

Your experiences are valuable to other shoppers so please do take a moment to share your views:

  • First, become a member of PriceRunner
  • Search for the product or retailer you want to review
  • Click on the stars next to the product or retailer name to go into the reviews area
  • Click 'Write review'
  • Write your review with as much detail as possible and hit send.

Products can be reviewed by anyone but some retailers will only let you leave a review if you've bought something from them.

Tips for writing reviews

Here are a few tips for writing a great review:

  • Be honest about the good and the bad
  • Draw on your experience rather than anything you've heard
  • Keep it concise – but don't miss out any important details
  • Keep it friendly – anything abusive or defamatory will be removed
  • Don’t include personal details or sensitive information like your contact details or bank account
  • Avoid writing in capital letters – it comes across like shouting

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