Sales tracking instructions

It’s easy to implement the sales tracking pixel tag on your website, but you might need a little help from a developer if you’re not comfortable with html. The tracking pixel helps us optimise traffic to be as effective and profitable for you as possible.

The pixel should be placed on your order confirmation page. Your account manager will email your specific tracking pixel but it will look something like this:

<img src="

&TYPE=5555555&CURRENCY=GBP&METHOD=IMG" height="1" width="20"/>

The fields in red must be added by your website order confirmation page and pulled into the pixel automatically:

  • AMOUNT (total shopping cart order amount, usually excluding delivery)
  • OID (unique order ID)

Note: If the OID field contains special characters (non-alphanumeric) these must be passed in URL-encoded format. To avoid tracking problems, don’t set the dimensions of the pixel tracer to 1x1.

Once you’ve implemented the code you’ll need to carry out a test transaction to check that the information is coming through to PriceRunner correctly.

Test transactions

Follow these steps to carry out a test transaction:

  1. Copy the test link (supplied by your account manager) to your browser
  2. Make a test transaction on your website
  3. Once you’ve completed your order and your confirmation page has fully loaded, save the web page by right clicking on it and choosing Save As -> Web page, single html
  4. Send this file to us by email, including AMOUNT and OID

The tracking can't go live until the test transaction has been checked and confirmed by PriceRunner.

Sales Tracking FAQs

What support can I get with implementation? It’s difficult for us to give much technical support as each website is built differently and this change is made on your site not ours. This should be straightforward for your developer to implement.

Is it essential to do a test transaction? Yes, we need to check the data is coming through accurately before we can push your account live so we definitely need to do a test transaction.

How do I know if the test transaction has worked? Our operations team will confirm that with you and let you know of any issues.

If you have any questions at all please contact your account manager.