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HTC mobile phones come in all shapes and sizes, with more models to choose from than many other brands. From simple affordable handsets, to flashy smartphones like the One, there’s a HTC mobile phone for everyone. Many HTC mobile phones feature sharp megapixel cameras, and run on either Android or Windows Mobile operating systems.

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Lowest price: £ 487.98


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Lowest price: £ 180.00

Looking for a budget HTC phone?

It’s hard to imagine these days how we ever lived without smartphones. Being able to check our emails on the move, check the map to see where we are and take photos at every opportunity has become part of our lives.

Smartphone technology continues to improve at a staggering rate, so keeping up with the latest models is important. However, it can also be expensive to stay up to date. Unless you can find great deals on HTC mobile phones, that is.

Shop around and you can still find budget HTC phones with all the latest apps and services to let you live your life on the move. Check Facebook, Tweet your whereabouts and keep abreast of the news via your phone and you’ll never be out of the loop again.

Right now HTC is creating some of the very best smart phones that have ever been made. With incredible features and apps, brands like HTC and Samsung are now leading the way.

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Android, 5.2 in, 12 Megapixels, 161g, 802.11ac, Miracast, NFC, 4G LTE more info

Average rating: 4.6 108 User reviews

Android, 4.7 in, 4 Megapixels, 143g, 802.11ac, Miracast, NFC, 4G LTE more info

Average rating: 4.4 2128 User reviews


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