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Mobile phones aren’t just useful for day-to-day life: they’re essential, and when we break or lose them we can be at a tremendous personal and professional disadvantage.

Getting the best deal on a mobile phone involves thinking carefully about what your exact needs and requirements are. After all, there’s little use in getting a model with all the “bells and whistles” if it’s not what you need.

Because Samsung has such a huge range of models, you’ll need to narrow down your selection substantially. A good place to start is to ask yourself whether you’ll need internet connectivity on your device. Although this can be extremely useful, this typically increases the price by a large margin.

It’s also useful to consider whether you can get the item cheaper by extending a pre-existing contract to cover another phone. This may allow you to get a great price for the phone, although you may need to commit to an extended payment plan which may not be desirable.

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Android, 5.1 in, IP 67, 16 Megapixels, 145g, 802.11ac, Miracast, NFC, 4G LTE more info

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