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With their sleek design, wide array of features, and in many cases affordability, Samsung mobile phones are the first choice for many consumers. Samsung mobile phones run on the Android operating system, making them an excellent choice for those seeking something user-friendly too. With well over 200 Samsung mobile phone deals to choose from, PriceRunner has got you covered.

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Mobile phones aren’t just useful for day-to-day life: they’re essential, and when we break or lose them we can be at a tremendous personal and professional disadvantage.

Getting the best deal on a mobile phone involves thinking carefully about what your exact needs and requirements are. After all, there’s little use in getting a model with all the “bells and whistles” if it’s not what you need.

Because Samsung has such a huge range of models, you’ll need to narrow down your selection substantially. A good place to start is to ask yourself whether you’ll need internet connectivity on your device. Although this can be extremely useful, this typically increases the price by a large margin.

It’s also useful to consider whether you can get the item cheaper by extending a pre-existing contract to cover another phone. This may allow you to get a great price for the phone, although you may need to commit to an extended payment plan which may not be desirable.

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Android 5.5 in, IP 68 Water resistant mobile, Waterproof beyond 1m, 12 Megapixels, 157g, 8... more info

Average rating: 4.8 20656 User reviews

Android 5.1 in, IP 68 Water resistant mobile, Waterproof beyond 1m, 12 Megapixels, 152g, 8... more info

Average rating: 4.8 14590 User reviews

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Android 5.1 in, IP 67 Water resistant mobile, 16 Megapixels, 145g, 802.11ac, Miracast, NFC more info

Average rating: 4.4 15986 User reviews


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