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Like most of the brand’s products, LG mobile phones offer something for just about anyone - whether you want smartphone sophistication or user-friendly simplicity. Many LG mobile phones come equipped with megapixel cameras and 4G internet, whilst some offer traditional keypads instead of touch screens. PriceRunner has over 100 deals on LG mobile phones, so scroll down to find yours.

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Screen Size

Operating System ?

Manufacturer 1

Internal Memory ?

4G (LTE) ?

Display Type

Pixel Density (PPI)

MegaPixels Camera ?

MegaPixels Front Camera


Processor Cores ?



Battery Capacity (mAh)

Exchangeable Battery

Video Resolution ?

Max Frames Per Second ?

Dual-SIM ?


IR ?

Memory Card Slot ?


802.11ac ?

802.11n ?

SAR-Value ?

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