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For almost two decades now, Apple has been the undisputed king of popular technology. However, it finally looks like a couple of other brands are about to dethrone it.

Blackberry has been nipping at Apple’s heels for a while now, offering reliable professional handsets that professionals and regular consumers love.

Blackberry phones and tablets have had enduring popularity over the years, and its latest range of cutting-edge devices is continuing the tradition. So, just how do you get a good deal on a Blackberry phone?

Well, you need to do your research and find out exactly which Blackberry you want. Then you need to shop around online to find the best deal. It’s hard to beat the prices you can find there, offering great deals on handsets, other products and accessories.

With Blackberry mobile phones increasingly looking better and offering incredible service, it might be time to make the switch. You’re sure to be very impressed with the usability, style and power of Blackberry products. Everybody else seems to be.

Our most popular Blackberry mobile phones

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Screen Size

Operating System ?

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Internal Memory ?

4G (LTE) ?

Pixel Density (PPI)

MegaPixels Camera ?

MegaPixels Front Camera


Processor Cores ?


Battery Capacity (mAh)

Exchangeable Battery

Video Resolution ?

Max Frames Per Second ?

Dual-SIM ?


Memory Card Slot ?


802.11ac ?

802.11n ?

SAR-Value ?

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