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Sony CDP-CX Station

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We're here to help you buy a new CD Player. We've got advice and information about all the latest players. We discuss the features and specifications you need to look for, performance, styles, connectivity and compatibility for several mediums.

The CD Player is a simple, effective way to play your favorite audio CDs. It has to a great extent replaced traditional personal cassette players because of the superior digital sound quality. If you love music you have to have a CD Player and because of a competitive market it is not easy choosing the best one. Here are some points which you must consider before you buy a player.

To help you decide which CD Player is right for you we examine the choices on offer and answer the questions you should be asking before buying.



Kenwood Cd Player Display

No more need to look-up the track you want to play or record in the CD inlay booklet, simply select the track by name from the display, directly from the disc. The display can show both artist and title for the entire album as well as individual tracks. With the CDR, you can also create your own CD Text information for e.g. your own compilations.

Random Play

Plays all selections on a particular disc or multiple discs in multi-disc players in random order, ignoring the sequential order in which they were originally recorded.

CD Capacity

Multi-disc play capability provides more hours of continuous music compared to single-disc CD Player. Nowadays you can get CD Players with over 100 disc-play capability.

Record CDs

It is useful to find out whether your CD Player can record or not. CD recorders may cost a bit more but it is worth it especially if you are a music lover.

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Digital Output

CD Player connection

Digital is a method of storing data by means of a binary numerical code. This binary code is converted into the audio and/or video images to be displayed.

Dolby Digital receivers and decoders have optical and/or coaxial digital inputs for accepting Dolby Digital or DTS outputs from CD Players and other electrical instruments such as DVD players or Blu-ray players. Digital-output equipped CD Players can be connected to receivers or other instruments using coaxial or optical digital cable. Hence it is important to find out that your CD Player has optical digital-output or coaxial or both. Choose according to what connections are available on any equipment you may already own.

Headphone Jack

An output that allows you to connect a set of Headphones. Once connected, it will usually mute the regular output of the device you are using.
Most amplifiers have headphone outputs, though, so this feature may not be a must-have. Again, choose according to what features are already available on the amplifier you will be using.


CD Players are available in different colours and you can choose your favorite colour or colour to match other equipments in your room. The most common colours are black, platinum and silver.

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The CD Player as DJ Equipment!

Pioneer CDJ-1000

The new ranges of DJ CD players are just as good as turntables for mixing on and also have all the benefits of CDs such as having lots of tracks on one disc. DJ CD turntables have caught on for the Club DJ and Mobile DJ because of their versatility and mobility. The latest updates have added more intuitive features, the refinements make cueing, looping, scratching, and stretching a track easier than ever. Some of them have full MP3 support including VBR files and intelligent features like slots for removable multimedia cards.

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CD Changer ?

Hard Drive Size

CD Recorder

Master Tempo/Key-Lock

BPM Counter

Digital Outputs ?

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