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Over the years Apple MP3 players have revolutionized music on-the-go. On PriceRunner you’ll find deals on all the bestselling Apple MP3 players, including the simple Shuffle, the colourful iPod Nano, and the feature-loaded iPod Touch. Along with classic and new generation models, the Apple MP3 player range offers a variety of storage sizes – whether you’re a modest music collector, or a multimedia hoarder.

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First there was the Walkman, then came the personal CD player but there is little doubt that the MP3 player is the most popular and successful portable music player ever created.

The sheer scale of music you can carry with you in a tiny device is mind-boggling. Another certainty about the MP3 player is that one company has dominated its development. Apple’s iPod is the biggest selling and most famous of the lot, and for good reason.

However, as we all know, Apple products don’t always come cheap. If you want the legendary style and usability then you have to pay for it. However, you can still find good deals online.

Whether you’re out running, on the commute or travelling the world, with an Apple MP3 player you can take your entire music collection with you. Now if you had told fans of the original Walkman that back in the 1980s, they simply wouldn’t have believed you. MP3 players might be around for a while yet.

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