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Garden Power Tools Buying Guide

When you find the right tool for a job it can turn any gardening task from a chore into a pleasure. But with so many different types of gardening power tools available, how can you be sure that you’re picking the best tool for the job? Take a look at our guide to buying garden power tools to learn everything you need to know to choose the ideal tool for any job.


If you’ve got a lawn then you need a lawnmower to keep it looking trim and neat. You can choose an electric or petrol lawn mower, although petrol mowers are usually designed for larger lawns because you don’t need to be plugged into an electricity source to use them.

Electric mowers are ideal for smaller lawns, but it’s important to always be aware of the cable when mowing. If you have a lot of uneven surfaces or areas of rough grass then a hover mower is ideal because it glides over awkward shapes to give an even cut.


A strimmer is the ideal tool for cleaning up any stragglers around the edge of your lawn or around flowerbeds. Ideal for all sorts of jobs, you can find both cordless and corded strimmers that are lightweight and easy to use.

Hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmers are the ideal tool for keeping your hedges tidy. Electric trimmers are corded so are better for smaller gardens, although they can be used with an extension lead. Electric trimmers are usually more lightweight than battery trimmers.

Some battery trimmers come with two batteries so you can use one and charge the other, meaning there’s no waiting around if the battery runs out. You can also buy extending or articulating trimmers so you don’t need to use a ladder to reach high up or awkward branches.

Garden rakers, blowers and vacuums

If you like to keep your garden clear of autumn leaves then you need a garden vacuum or blower to make getting rid of all those leaves an easy task. Blowers are generally lighter than vacuums but a vacuum will shred the debris it sucks up into a storage bag so leaves are neatly packed away with no need for raking or shovelling piles of leaves.

Blower vacuum

A blower vacuum combines both functions so you can blow garden debris into a pile and vacuum it up into a bag, which is the quickest and easiest option, but an all in one machine will cost more than a single tool.

Lawn raker

A lawn raker is the ideal tool for keeping your lawn healthy over the winter months. You can use it to rake dead leaves and other debris off your lawn as well as getting rid of any moss or dead grass that has built up.

Garden shredders

Getting rid of all the twigs, leaves, branches and other garden waste that you collect can be a hassle for any gardener, but a shredder makes the job a lot easier by shredding garden waste into a storage box, making it easy to dispose of or turn into compost or wood chips.

A rapid shredder is ideal for softer materials like leaves, grass and small twigs and will turn your waste into compost mulch. If you have a lot of wood to get rid of for example from chopping down a tree then a crushing shredder is ideal and will turn your wood waste into chips. Most shredders also come with a storage box or bag to catch your garden waste in so make sure the one you choose has a large enough capacity for your garden.


Ideal for lopping branches, chopping down trees or chopping up firewood, chainsaws are extremely powerful tools that should always be used with caution. Whichever chainsaw you choose it’s essential to follow any instructions carefully and use the appropriate safety equipment at all times. If you have a large space to tackle then a petrol chainsaw could be the right choice as you won’t need to be near a power source.

If you need your chainsaw for a job you can do close to the house, like chopping firewood, then an electric one is ideal. If the model you choose needs chain oil make sure it is well oiled before you use it to avoid damaging the chain.

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