Whilst many smaller households make do with just a humble fridge freezer, for a large or even average-sized family, a separate freezer is an absolute necessity.

On PriceRunner we’ve gathered deals on more than 600 freezers for comparison, from many of the best-selling brands including Hotpoint, Bosch and Smeg. You’ll find everything from upright freestanding and integrated freezers, to chest-style models and mini-freezers too. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, with some featuring an avalanche of useful features, and others offering exceptional energy efficiency ratings. If you’re having trouble picking one out, then consult our Buying Guide to help you get a little warmer.

Freezers buying guide

When it comes to keeping cool in the kitchen, fridge-freezers tend to be most people’s first choice. But those needing a bigger capacity will want to consider a separate freezer unit.

If you don't have space in your kitchen, freezer units can also be kept in your utility room or garage, or indeed any suitable space with a power outlet. This means you can have plenty of food on standby, and they're particularly useful when you've got people staying or at times such as Christmas when you've got heaps of food to store.

Types of freezer

There are three main types of freezer available:

  • Upright – these units can be freestanding, or integrated models that fit neatly under your countertop. They feature either drawers or shelves for neat storage of your frozen foods
  • Chest – chest freezers lie horizontally, and have a large space for food storage. They'll sometimes feature smaller baskets to help you keep things organised. They tend to be a little less energy efficient than upright freezers
  • Mini – if you're pushed for space then mini freezers will fit on a countertop or small area. They usually have a couple of shelves, so are useful if you've already got a freezer but need extra space

Energy efficiency

Under EU regulations, all appliances have to carry an energy efficiency label, and freezers will be rated from A+++ for the most efficient appliances, down to D for the least efficient freezers. The majority of new freezers are A+ or higher, and you won't see many below this class.


It may be tempting to buy a large freezer if you've got the space, but it's important to remember that heftier appliances cost more to run. Conversely, if you buy a freezer that's too small for your needs, you can end up overfilling it which means the appliance will use more energy.

The rough capacity you should look for in a freezer is:

  • Small families – 50-100 litres
  • Medium families – 100-300 litres
  • Large households – 300 litres or more

Of course, it really depends on how much frozen food you like to have on hand, whether you batch cook regularly, and other needs.

Frost-free freezers

If you find defrosting the freezer to be an annoying chore, then you might want to invest in a frost-free model. These cost a little more, but have the advantage of circulating air through the freezer, preventing excess moisture and meaning you won't end up with frost build up. If you have a frost-free freezer, you need to be especially careful not to overfill it, as this will prevent the air from circulating.

Fast freeze

If you will be freezing lots of fresh food, then picking a model with a fast freeze or quick chill option can make life easier. Freezing food slowly means that large ice crystals are formed, which can lead to poorer quality food once it's cooked. However, if you use fast freeze then the quick drop in temperature means smaller ice crystals, and better quality food. It's ideal for those who like to buy fresh food while it's on sale, or will be cooking large batch meals.


Most freezers will have a basic thermostat, which will either have numbers or temperatures on the dial, so you can get the most efficient freezing point. It's important to look in the manual so that you can work out the controls, and see which temperature you need to use. If you don't have a fast freeze feature, you can simply turn your thermostat to the lowest setting, but you need to remember to switch it back again once your food is frozen.

Other extras

There are lots of extras available on freezers which can be useful. These can include:

  • Open door warning – some freezers have lights that show when the door hasn't been shut properly
  • Ice cube drawers – at the high end of the market, you will find freezers with special drawers so you can make lots of ice
  • Reversible doors – making it easy to plan the layout of your kitchen
  • Internal lights – these aren't just for fridges – they can be very useful when you're rooting around in your freezer too


Gone are the days when you only had white appliance to choose from. There are freezers available in all sorts of colours. You might wish to choose sleek silver for a contemporary kitchen, or black for a monochrome colour scheme. You could even go for a retro look and add a splash of colour with a red, blue, or green freezer – a freezer could well be a design feature of the room.

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