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How to pick a freestanding fridge-freezer

Choosing a freestanding fridge-freezer is a big decision, as they can be fairly pricey and you’ll be using it for years to come. The fridge-freezer is also one of the most expensive products to run in the house, so you need to know what you’re looking for.

A freestanding model is the most popular type of fridge-freezer on the market, as it is easy to fit into a kitchen and is a cheaper option. They also offer flexibility when it comes to having the freezer on the top or bottom, which is the first thing you’ll have to decide when buying a freestanding fridge-freezer.

You’ll also need to think about space; both in terms of the room available in your kitchen and how much space you need in the fridge-freezer itself. You’ll also need to consider the fridge to freezer ratio, especially if you freeze a lot of food as most fridge-freezers have more fridge space than freezer space.

Things like energy efficiency and extra features, such as ice dispensers or digital displays, should also be considered as these will push the price up.

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