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Integrated fridge-freezers are excellent solutions if you’re looking for appliances which blend seamlessly into the style and interior design of your kitchen. These take the appearance of the surrounding cabinets to ‘camouflage’ themselves, which is useful when you don’t want the items to be prominent features of the space.

First you should always carefully measure the available space which you have for your fridge freezer, as integrated solutions can lose their appeal if they don’t appropriately fit into the free space. Also if you’re not planning to refurbish the entire kitchen, you should check that the integration fixtures identical to your surrounding panels are available with the integrated fridge-freezer you want to purchase.

It’s important to note that integrated fridge-freezers are generally more expensive than non-integrated models, especially when the freezer usually requires more energy to successfully operate (this is due to integrated units having less available airflow than freestanding ones). It’s also important to remember that the typical running costs of fridge-freezers will vary depending on the manufacturer, so always ask about this before you purchase a model.

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