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Choosing a tumble dryer

A tumble dryer is essential in any busy household, but how do you choose which one is best for you? Hotpoint and Bosch have been two of the most popular tumble dryer brands on PriceRunner in recent years but there are many others to choose from too. Energy efficiency is important to consider as that can have a big impact on your electricity bill as well as the environment. It’s worth looking at which capacity tumble dryer is right for you based on the size of your family too. Have a think about which colour would work best in your kitchen as they’re not just plain old white these days, maybe a sleek black or a shining silver would suit your colour scheme?

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are widely considered one of the most energy-inefficient appliances in the average home. PriceRunner has compiled the following informational guide to help you understand what to look for when you compare tumble dryers and help you find the most energy efficient model that will fit your needs.

Efficiency Labelling

When you begin to compare tumble dryers, you may notice that they display energy efficiency ratings. These labels are meant to assist consumers in comparing energy usage across manufacturers and models. The differences in efficiency between manufacturers and even between models produced by the same manufacturer can be significant, so it pays to study these labels closely.

Tumble dryers are rated from A to G, where A is the most energy efficient and G is the least. See all Energy Efficiency Class A Washing Machines. Most dryers on the market today have an average rating of C, but the actual energy usage of the dryer can vary up or down by as much as a third.

To ensure you are getting the most energy efficiency for your money, compare tumble dryers that have more favourable energy labels (A, B or C). PriceRunner displays energy label information for dozens of different tumble dryers from all the top manufacturers, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Other Ways to Improve Efficiency

Once you have found the best price for a tumble dryer that meets your needs on PriceRunner, follow these simple tips to increase your appliance's energy efficiency even more :

  • Always dry full loads of laundry. Drying a single item or several small loads a day uses a lot of energy and will drive up utility bills.
  • Purchase a washing machine with a high spin speed or use the highest spin speed setting on your washer. This will wring more moisture out of your clean clothes, which reduces the time they will need to be in the dryer.
  • Empty the lint trap every time you load wet clothes into the dryer. Lint that is left to accumulate will block the filter, which prevents air circulation and extends drying time.
  • Take precautions to avoid overheating your tumble dryer. Put it in a well-ventilated room or vent it to the outside of your house.
  • If weather permits, forgo the tumble dryer altogether and put your clothes out to dry in the fresh air on a clothes line.
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