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Dyson vacuum cleaners

It was back in 1993 that Dyson revolutionised the market with their dual cyclone vacuum cleaner. Today Dyson vacuum cleaners dominate the market with close to 50% of all vacuums that are chosen on PriceRunner. Dyson uses their patented technology in an ever-growing range so it’s important to do your research and choose the right one for you. Dyson vacuum cleaners tend to be at a premium price so comparing prices to find the best deal is always a good idea. See other brands of vacuum cleaners.

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Getting the best deal on a Dyson vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are indispensible accessories around the house, and no room looks its best without a good vacuuming once in awhile. Picking the best model will depend on a number of factors about your specific needs, but it’s always best to consider these variables before parting with your money and making the final purchase.

Dyson offer a wide range of vacuum models suitable for different homes and needs. For example, their cylinder models are useful if you need to routinely vacuum furniture and carry the machine up the stairs. Upright cleaners are more suitable if you’ve got large patches of carpet to clean.

It’s also worth thinking about whether you’d prefer a bag or bagless model, as these have different advantages. While bagless models are slightly more expensive, the added convenience of not requiring to purchase extra bags can make the investment worthwhile over time.

And naturally if you’ve got specific and difficult areas of the house to clean, ensure that the vacuum comes with all the attachments you might need to do the job.

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