Kitchen Scales

£ 5.25

£ 8.25 incl. delivery

Salter Arched 5kg Mechanical Kitchen Scales

These Salter arched 5kg mechanical scales are easy to use an... more info

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£ 40.00

£ 43.50 incl. delivery

Salter Aquatronic Platform Kitchen Scale, 10kg

This convenient set of kitchen scales has an ultra slim desi... more info

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£ 62.64

£ 62.64 incl. delivery

Wesco Retro Scales with clock - magenta/15x27x13cm

Wesco Retro scale with clock. This product has been designed... more info

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£ 16.99

£ 16.99 incl. delivery

Salter Electronic Kitchen Scales

The Salter Electronic Platform scale comes in a black, ultra... more info

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£ 26.31

£ 26.31 incl. delivery

Salter 1035 Aquatronic 5kg Electronic Scales

The ultra slim design of this Salter electronic scale is gre... more info

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£ 30.00

£ 33.50 incl. delivery

John Lewis Large Surface Digital Kitchen Scale, 10kg

 A smart scale perfect for contemporary and classic kitchens... more info

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£ 5.00

£ 8.50 incl. delivery

John Lewis Fish Scaler

Make easy work of preparing fish with this fish-shaped stain... more info

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£ 25.00

£ 28.50 incl. delivery

John Lewis Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale, 5kg

 Perfect for adding a retro-inspired feel to your kitchen, t... more info

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£ 10.00

£ 13.50 incl. delivery

House by John Lewis Orb Mechanical Kitchen Scale, Red

Go bold with zingly accessories, and provide a colorful acce... more info

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£ 50.00

£ 53.50 incl. delivery

Jamie Oliver Wet and Dry Kitchen Scale

The large, easy-to-read digital display of this handy kitche... more info

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£ 35.00

£ 38.50 incl. delivery

Salter Geo Digital Kitchen Scale, 5kg

This large, square platform scale accomodates large mixing b... more info

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£ 39.99

£ 43.49 incl. delivery

Salter Target Electronic Kitchen Scale, Black/White

 Salter's electronic scale has a trim and innovative de... more info

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£ 14.24

£ 17.74 incl. delivery

Salter Disc Kitchen Scale, Silver

Salter's disc scale has an ultra slim design with stain... more info

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£ 20.00

£ 23.50 incl. delivery

Salter Evo Kitchen Scales, 6kg

This convenient kitchen scale has an ultra slim design for e... more info

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£ 20.00

£ 23.50 incl. delivery

John Lewis Classic Mechanical Kitchen Scale, 5kg

 A kitchen classic, this mechanical kitchen scale is perfect... more info

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£ 13.12

£ 13.12 incl. delivery

Salter Orb Mechanical Scale Plum

This Salter Orb scale comes in an attractive plum colour. It... more info

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£ 54.99

£ 57.99 incl. delivery

Luvion Digital Baby Scales Deluxe Exact 60

Luvion Deluxe Exact 60 - The functional and simple shell sha... more info

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£ 102.00

£ 105.00 incl. delivery

Seca Electronic Baby/toddler Scales

Two scales in one: the seca 354 baby scales with a comfortab... more info

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