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Since the advent of digital photography, there have been two main strands of cameras. There are the single lens reflex cameras, known as SLRs and the simple point and shoot compact cameras.

For the most part, SLRs have been used by professional and more serious amateur photographers and compacts used as a more casual kind of camera. However, in recent years there has been the development of bridge cameras that link the two types.

Bridge digital cameras can provide the stunning photography of an SLR with the compact durability of a point and shoot camera. They are perfect for the camera lover who loves to snap away at parties but also wants to compose some more serious photos. You can get great deals on bridge digital cameras by looking online. Most of the top camera brands now make a bridge model.

You can get a bridge camera by Sony or Fujifilm for less than £100, giving you great quality photos and a portable design for a fantastic price. If you’ve been looking for a digital camera that bridges the gap between the two then this is the style for you.

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