Whether you’re a gourmet chef or a meal-for-one singleton, it’s always convenient to have a microwave in your kitchen. These days you can pick one up for as little as £30, making them an affordable addition for any household. But which one to choose?

We’ve scouted deals on hundreds of microwaves from all the best makes, including Samsung, Bosch, and Panasonic – one of PriceRunner’s most popular brands. You’ll find traditional countertop microwaves in a range of styles and sizes, as well as sleek built-in models to slot neatly into your kitchen design. Many offer a variety of handy features, such as convection cooking, grilling, or steaming.

If you’re struggling to pick one out, then check out our Buying Guide to give you some food for thought.

Microwave Oven Buying Guide

These days, there is a microwave oven to suit nearly every requirement. If you are in the market for a new microwave, PriceRunner makes it easy to compare microwave prices from a number of leading manufacturers including Panasonic,Sanyo, Sharp, Samsung and many others.


Countertop microwaves come in a variety of colours and sizes, from small 1.1 cubic feet capacity to more than two cubic feet. On the low end of the price scale, these models are perfect for budget-conscious shoppers with plenty of extra kitchen worktop space.


Built-ins mount under a cabinet, counter or cooker hood. These are generally matched with other kitchen appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers to create a cohesive look. If you are keen on style but short on cash, a built-in microwave is a great option.


These super-powered microwaves cook foods even faster than standard microwave ovens thanks to internal fans that help circulate air for rapid, even cooking. Convection microwaves will cost more than a mainstream model, but you can cook a turkey or bake a cake in one.


One of the industry's latest innovations, the microwave drawer is built-in, easy to reach, and can keep cooked foods warm for up to 30 minutes as long as the drawer remains closed. With capacities as large as two cubic feet, there isn't much you can't fit in a microwave drawer.


Another emerging technology, speedcook microwaves are an excellent choice for serious home cooks who need to save time in the kitchen. These models cook foods four to eight times faster than a traditional oven or microwave. They can also roast, bake, brown or grill in minutes without preheating. You can roast a chicken in 20 minutes or bake a frozen pizza in less than six minutes! Adding to the appeal of the speedcook microwave is its high energy efficiency rating and extra large capacity – most can accommodate a standard-sized casserole dish on the internal turntable.

Whether you want a top of the line stainless steel microwave oven to complement a newly remodelled kitchen or an economic countertop microwave oven for a student's small flat, PriceRunner has everything you need to compare microwave prices and features.

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