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The stylish Panasonic microwave range includes regular, grill, and combination models, and is one of the most popular brands on PriceRunner. There’s no shortage of Panasonic microwaves to choose from, with everything from simple affordable models, to their high end feature-packed machines that run into the hundreds. Compare our round-up of deals on Panasonic microwaves below.

Popular Panasonic Microwaves

How to pick a Panasonic microwave

Picking a microwave can be quite difficult, as there are many factors to take into consideration. For example, whether you want your microwave to have convector-heat capacity, whether you want it to have in inbuilt grill and how large you want your microwave to be.

While it’s obviously important that the microwave suits your practical requirements, it’s also preferable that it suits and complements in interior décor of your kitchen’s style.

While some microwaves come with a large collection of inbuilt pre-settings, for some people these wouldn’t be desired. For example, professional catering companies may prefer to have models without these features, as not to encourage cooking staff to rely too heavily on using them.

You should consider the energy efficiency of your microwave model, as not only will this vary its environmental impact, but inefficient models will ultimately cost you more money in the long-run. Finally, ensure that your Panasonic microwave has a good warranty, as these are useful for when breakages occur.

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