A Guide to Buying Radios

These days there are literally hundreds of different types of radio out there and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. These days DAB radios are much more popular than AM/FM radios, but might not necessarily be the right choice for you. Read on to learn about different types of radio and which one is right for you.


These days most people believe that DAB radio is a better choice as there is a wider choice of stations and a better signal producing a better quality of sound. However, some experts profess that with a strong FM signal you actually get better sound quality than with a digital radio because of the limited bandwidth that many digital stations use to broadcast.

Analogue radios tend to be cheaper but there is a wider choice of digital radios available. In addition, there are many digital radio channels which you can't listen to on an AM/FM radio so if you choose digital you do get a wider choice. One way to get the best of both worlds is to choose a radio with both digital and analogue capabilities so that you can listen either way.

The benefits of DAB radio

There are lots of benefits to choosing a DAB radio, for example:

Rewind and pause

As with digital television, it's now possible to pause and rewind certain digital stations and record programmes.

Find stations by name list

All stations are listed alphabetically so you don't need to remember the frequency you can find them at. You can also list your favourite so you can find your preferred stations easily.

No pirate radio

In some inner city or more built up areas FM radio can be adversely affected by pirate stations, causing interference. At present, DAB radio does not have any problems with pirate stations affecting the digital signal.

LCD screen

Most DAB radios now come with an LCD screen that displays the station you are listening to. In addition you may be able to find out what song is playing at any particular time. The stations you can receive are affected by the area you live in but you can find out which stations you can listen to with a quick internet search.

DAB vs Internet Radio

It's also becoming more popular to listen to the radio via an internet enabled device such as a phone or laptop. However, in some cases it can still be difficult to listen to the radio over the internet when using something like 3G and it's usually much better to listen at home using your broadband connection.

Benefits of DAB

As a digital signal takes up less space on airwaves, that means there's more stations that you can choose from. DAB radio is completely free, so if you're listening to a non commercial channel then you won't be bombarded with ads.

DAB radios are very easy to use. You won't need to remember the frequencies of your favourite stations and some radios will allow you to see the track and name of artists displayed on the LCD screen as you listen.

You can now purchase digital radios that allow you to rewind, pause and record live broadcasts as you can with some digital televisions.

As long as you check that your area has digital coverage you can use a digital radio anywhere that provides excellent sound quality.

Internet radio

You can use your wireless connection to listen to the radio on the internet and you don't need to have your computer switched on.

You can enjoy as many as 6000 different internet radio stations across the UK and the world, so you'll never be stuck for something to listen to.

Internet radio allows you to listen through your own PC to your playlists without being interrupted by DJ's or ads.

Useful Accessories

There are lots of accessories available that can help you get more out of your digital or internet radio. You can include rechargeable batteries so your radio can be more portable, or a memory card that enables you to record the shows you want to. A 1GB card can store up to 500 songs so if you plan to record your internet or digital radio then make sure your memory card has sufficient capacity.

Also, don't overlook the importance of going retro with your radio and what it says about you.

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