A Guide to Buying Women’s Shoes

If you’ve ever bought a pair of shoes on a whim only to realise that they look terrible or are incredibly uncomfortable? Most of us have a few pairs hidden away that never see the light of day. What a waste of money and shoe closet space! Take a look at our guide to buying shoes to perfectly flatter your pins and provide optimum comfort so you can fill up your closet with shoes you’ll want to wear again and again.

The basics of boots

Boots can flatter any leg shape, provided that they don’t cut you off on the thickest part of your calf. For the most slimming style choose boots that stop just below the knee, which is generally the slimmest part of the leg. If you want to add height and give your legs more shape then choose a boot with a heel. If you don’t want to go sky high even a small heel will make a difference. To elongate your legs even further wear opaque tights in the same colour as your boots.

Wedges, pumps and heels

There are a million different styles of heeled shoes to consider, from peep toes, to slingbacks, to wedges to stilettos, but there are still some basic rules you can follow to make sure the shoes you choose suit your shape. If you want to wear a high heel but you want to feel more sturdy then opt for a stacked heel or platform shoe as they’re a lot easier to walk in. The thinner your heel the thicker your legs will look so if you’ve got larger legs then choose a thicker heel. Ankle straps can help give extra support if your heels are high, but they can make short legs look even shorter. If your legs are on the short side then choose a T bar ankle strap for a more flattering look. When buying shoes online you can use the following as a guide to heel height:

Heel height guide

High 8+ cm
Mid 6-8cm
Low 2.5-6cm
Flat 0-2.5 cm


Flat shoes can be worn with practically any type of outfit, from eveningwear to beachwear. If you want to wear flat shoes with a mid length skirt then choose a flat shoe with a slight heel to avoid stumpy looking calves.


Sandals are a versatile type of shoe that can be worn for daytime or evening. They can make your legs look longer because more of the skin on your feet can be seen. If you want to wear a heeled sandal then approach it in the same way as any other heeled shoe.

Loafers and Oxfords

Loafers and oxfords are very much in vogue and are very comfortable to wear. They’re generally flat soled with laces and can be worn with shorts, trousers or skirts.

How to combine comfort and style

If you want to buy shoes that are just a s beautiful to wear as they are to look at then make sure you take the following into account when picking your shoes:

Check your size

It may sound silly but your shoe size can change throughout your life and even from the beginning to the end of the day. Things like weight gain and pregnancy can affect the size of your feet so take time to have your feet measured before buying new shoes. If you want to find the best fitting shoe when shopping then go later in the day when your foot will have swelled.

Weighty issues

If a shoe is very heavy then it’s more likely to cause aches and pains so choose a lighter model to avoid tired and achy legs.

Be flexible

If the material that a shoe is made out of is very stiff it’s more likely to cause rubbing and chafing. A shoe should be able to stretch to accommodate your foot so make sure the shoes you choose have a bit of give.

Keep cushioned

Harder shoes are likely to become painful if you wear them for long periods of time so look for shoes with lots of cushioning on the sole and the ball of the toe. Alternatively you can buy gel inserts which will add cushioning to your shoes.

Choose mid heels

If you’re planning to wear your shoes all day then it’s best to opt for a smaller heel of no more than three inches as this will help you to maintain your balance and cause less aches and pains.

Get some sole

Many flat shoes available at the moment have ultra thin soles that don’t support the foot. When buying flat shoes look for soles that are shaped to support the foot and are at least half a centimetre.

Get adjusting

If you can adjust your shoes you’re more likely to get the most comfortable wear so look for shoes with straps, laces or ties that you can tighten or loosen to make the shoe fit better.

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