A Guide to Buying Watches

A great watch is the perfect combination of stylish accessory and practical timepiece, but with so many different watches out there, it can be hard to pick the one that’s right for you.

Take a look at our quick guide to buying watches so you can learn everything you need to know to pick a watch that suits your style, your budget and your needs.

Watch Styles

There are numerous types of watches out there ranging from large cuff style digital watches to delicate diamond encrusted bracelet watches. However, the four basic watch styles are Sports watches, dress watches, children’s watches and fashion watches. The watch style you choose will depend on what you want to get from the watch you wear.

Sports watches

If you’re a sporty type then this type of watch is ideal. Sports watches are specially designed to withstand shocks, be waterproof and to include other functions to aid your activities such as a stop watch. Some watches include further functions, such as a pedometer which can be useful for sports people.

Dress watches

Dress watches are designed to be simple and elegant and can be worn with eveningwear. They generally include an analogue dial and are most commonly gold or silver plated or with a leather strap. They’re not designed to be particularly robust.

Children’s watches

Children’s watches are smaller and more colourful. They’re available in a range of materials including leather and rubber and generally feature an analogue dial that’s designed to be easy to read to help children learn how to tell the time.

Fashion watches

There’s a huge array of fashion watches available. In general they’re intended to be worn more as a fashion accessory than a useful device and tend to follow whatever the current trends are. Fashion watches are available at a huge range of prices including some designer models that can cost several hundred pounds.

Watch materials

When deciding on the right watch for you it’s important to consider the material it’s made from. If you plan to do a lot of activity then leather may not be your best option as it’s likely to get wet. If you have a lot of allergies or are prone to skin irritation then you might want to choose a watch made from hypoallergenic material or that is free of nickel.

What does water resistant really mean?

If you’re planning on buying a water resistant watch, for example if you do a lot of swimming or diving, then it’s important to understand what activities different levels of water resistance will be able to withstand. The following table is a guide to the activity you can do with different types of water resistant watches.

Water resistant to 50m Can be used for occasional swimming in shallow waters
Water resistant to 100m Can be used whilst snorkelling or swimming
Water resistant to 150m Not suitable for scuba diving but can be worn for general water use
Water resistant to 200m Can be worn for recreational scuba diving and all other water based activities

Glossary of terms

When choosing a watch it can help to understand all the different terms that are used to describe them. The following glossary lists common watch terms and their meanings:


An analogue watch has a traditional face with twelve hours and hands.


ATM refers to how water resistant a watch is. 10m of water pressure is equal to 1 ATM so if the watch you choose has 2ATM then it will be resistant to a depth of 20m.


This is a ring on the outside of the dial. In sports watches the bezel can often be revolved and can be used to measure speed or time.

LCD display

An LCD or light emitting diode display is used to display the time on digital watches. You can also find watches with an LCD or liquid crystal display.

Dual time

If you travel overseas frequently a dual time watch will allow you to see the time in the country you’re in and at home.


Kinetic watches use body movement to create electrical energy so you don’t need to replace or recharge your watches battery.


If a watch is advertised as splashproof this means it can withstand occasional spalashes but should not be fully submerged in water.

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