Blu-ray and DVD Players


Blu-ray and DVD Players

A Blu-ray or DVD player is an essential part of anyone’s entertainment set-up, and chances are it’ll be the least pricey too. The first decision to make before you pick one though is whether you want to stick with a standard DVD player, or upgrade to a Blu-ray player. Offering a much higher quality viewing experience, the latter is becoming a lot more prominent in today’s HD conscious households. Whichever you opt for however, PriceRunner has found plenty of deals on both, with models from all the big players including Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic. You’ll find everything from basic DVD players for around £20, to top end Blu-ray players boasting WiFi, smart TV features, and 3D technology.

Blu-ray & DVD players buying guide

When it comes to keeping everyone entertained, Blu-rays and DVDs are a cheap, convenient way to enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies. There are many different kinds of Blu-ray and DVD players on the market, with both separate and combination units available, as well as models with lots of extra features. However, this can sometimes get a little confusing, so here is a guide to picking the right entertainment system for your home.

DVD players

DVDs have been around for many years now, so most people have a decent collection. Even in today’s digital download age, DVDs remain a popular format, with attractive covers and easy to use menus and chapters, as well as extra features and content.

At the low end of the market, you can get very cheap, simple DVD players that are easy to use. However, you might want to invest in a higher-end brand such as Sony, Samsung or Panasonic. Some of these models have progressive scan or HD upscaling to improve picture quality, while DVD recorders allow you to keep your favourite TV shows. You could also look for DV input which will allow you to connect devices such as a digital camcorder to record your own movies onto a blank DVD disc.

Blu-ray players

Blu-ray offers HD viewing, and you can enjoy TV shows and films with clear picture and sound. The majority of new movies are released in a Blu-ray format as well as DVD, although the discs usually cost a little more. However, Blu-ray discs can hold many times more information that DVDs, so you'll usually find extra features for your money. Most of all, the picture quality of Blu-ray is way better than DVD.

Blu-ray players will play your standard DVDs. Unfortunately, they're not compatible with a format called HD DVD. Since HD DVD never really took off, most people won't have any of them in their collection.

Combination players

For best picture quality and performance, buying separate units is usually recommended. However, if you're short on space then there are combination DVD and Blu-ray players available. As these models are more complex, they can also cost more, and it's often cheaper to buy separate units.


Many Blu-ray players are compatible with 3D, although you'll need a 3D television to enjoy this experience. Although 3D televisions aren't common place at the moment, they could become much more popular in future, and if you already have the compatible Blu-ray player then you'll be all set. Lots of movies are now being released on 3D Blu-ray, so you'll certainly be spoiled for choice.

WiFi compatible

Choose a Blu-ray player that can connect to the internet via WiFi and you'll open up a lot more entertainment possibilities. Newer Blu-ray players are adding features such as Smart TV compatibility. This means that in addition to playing your discs, you can download apps and enjoy your favourite streaming services. This includes subscription based apps such as Netflix and NOW TV, as well as free catchup services like BBC iPlayer, All 4, and Demand 5.

USB connections / memory card slots

Some Blu-ray players will have USB ports, which means they can be connected to external hard drives or other compatible devices. There may also be slots for memory cards such as SD cards. You can then play media files such as music and video, or easily view your images and other files, depending on the capabilities of your particular model.

Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

You'll find both DVD and Blu-ray players on the market with HDD, and this allows you to record and pause live TV with the touch of a button, or watch one channel while recording another. Some DVD players also offer 'dubbing' which means you can burn your recordings to DVD, or move DVD content to your HDD.

Hard drives vary in size, from about 160 GB for those who just want to keep a few shows saved, to 2000 GB (2TB) for those who want to keep their high quality movies on the device.


A large number of DVD and Blu-ray players have HDMI input, but you may be wondering whether you really need this option. An HDMI is basically a digital cable that carries picture and sound, and it helps you achieve the best quality with both. Therefore, it's worth looking for players that can connect via HDMI.


It can be difficult to find standalone VHS players nowadays, but some people still have big collections of old tapes. You'll find a few DVD players on the market that have built in VHS players, allowing you to enjoy all your old favourites.

DVD and Blu-rays can potentially do more than simply play your discs, but it's up to you whether you want a simple or complex model. Most of them are very user friendly, requiring very little set-up, and once they're installed offer plenty of ways to enjoy your device.

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