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Digital Photo Frames Buying Guide

The development of digital technology has revolutionised the way we take photographs, but not necessarily for the better! It’s so easy to take digital snaps these days, but what’s harder and requires a lot more effort is printing out your snaps so that they can be displayed and seen by everyone years later for the family reunion.

In fact, the majority of photos taken on digital cameras are never displayed or put into an album, but all that is about to change thanks to the rise of digital photo frames. Using digital photo frames is a great way to ensure that your precious photos are displayed so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

About digital photo frames

Digital photo frames can store hundreds of pictures and can create a slideshow of all your favourite images so that your photo frames show much more than a simple, single picture. Some digital photo frames can even show short video clips. With sound and technology improving and prices falling, you really are spoiled for choice as to the digital frame that you pick.

The essentials of digital photo frames

With so many digital photo frames on the market, it can be hard to know if you’re choosing the best one for your needs. Look for the following features to ensure you pick a quality model.

Image quality

When choosing a photo frame it’s important to pick one that produces a fantastic image quality so that you can see your pictures clearly when the frame is in use. The best way to do this is to see the frame being demonstrated in store or look online for information on the image quality of the frame you are considering. The PriceRunner app and its barcode scanner will let you check products in stores and tell you where to buy cheaper online.


It’s a good idea to look for easy to use, simple controls on a frame so that you can use it without having to read a manual! Look for accessible and clearly labeled buttons and look out for special features such as video and audio capabilities if you want to be able to view video clips and hear sound through the frame.

Lots of frames now have touch sensors on the screen to control the frame with, but bear in mind if you choose this then your frame is likely to need more regular cleaning.

Extra features

The following table illustrates the main extra features available with modern digital photo frames and explains the benefits of each.

Feature Benefits
Remote control A remote control for your frame may be essential as some frames only have a power button and other functions have to be controlled with a remote. However, they can be very small and easy to lose.
Wall mounting If you want to mount your frame on the wall then look for screw holes at the back that will allow you to do this. If your frame needs to be plugged in then hanging it on the wall will leave the cable visible, but there are some battery powered alternatives available.
Video and MP3 playback With more expensive models your slideshow can be accompanied by music from your MP3 player or play small video clips, but the speakers are usually fairly small so don’t expect your music to be blasting out.
Interchangeable inserts Some frames come with inserts that are easy to change so that you can adjust your frame to suit your surroundings. Some of the frame materials you can choose from are gloss black, clear glass, stainless steel, wood and leather.


Many photo frames have memory built in so that photos can be copied straight from your camera or computer. If there isn’t internal memory then your memory card should be inserted into the frame in order to view your photos. Before you buy a frame it is a good idea to always make sure it’s compatible with your memory card as not all frames can be used with all memory cards.

USB -If your frame has a USB socket then it’s possible to connect it directly to your computer to transfer files. In addition, your frame can be used as an additional memory card reader.

WiFi - More technologically advanced photo frames are available with WiFi capabilities so that images can be screened directly from your PC or through the internet and email.

Other useful features to look out for include:

TV out – allows photos to be displayed on your TV screen which is ideal for parties and other special occasions.

HDMI – allows you to connect the photo frame to a compatible HDTV so you can view your pics on the big screen and in high definition.

Bluetooth – allows you to copy or send images from Bluetooth compatible devices such as mobile phones.

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