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£ 139.99

£ 139.99 incl. delivery

Acme-Tech Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car Kit 2.4GHz

By popular demand we are now stocking a range of unbuilt nit... more info

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£ 18.99

£ 22.49 incl. delivery

SmartWool Merino Wool Trekking Heavy Crew Unisex Socks, Grey

These SmartWool socks over heavy, full-cushioning to provide... more info

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£ 28.50

£ 31.50 incl. delivery

Warhammer Tau Empire Tidewall Droneport Model Kit

The first plastic scenery kit ever made for an alien race th... more info

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£ 169.99

£ 169.99 incl. delivery

Acme-Tech Attacker 1/8 Scale Nitro RC Buggy

The Attacker is our entry level to the world of 1/8 nitro ra... more info

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£ 2.00

£ 5.50 incl. delivery

Docrafts Christmas Mini Pegs, Pack of 36, Red/Green

Keep your Christmas spirit in place with this set of two-ton... more info

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£ 22.00

£ 25.50 incl. delivery

Rico Houses Table Runner Embroidery Kit

Add a personal touch to the Christmas table this festive sea... more info

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£ 34.99

£ 38.49 incl. delivery

Barts Kamikaze Bomber Hat, One Size, Black

This trapper-style hat is a rugged and cosy choice that will... more info

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£ 16.99

£ 20.49 incl. delivery

Barts Multicol Polar Uni Neck Warmer, Black

 A stylish and practical way to keep warm when out skiing. A... more info

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£ 34.99

£ 38.49 incl. delivery

Barts Fur Cable Bandhat, One Size, Rabbit

 The Barts Cable Bandhat is a stylish addition to your winte... more info

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£ 22.99

£ 26.49 incl. delivery

Barts Basic Unisex Ski Gloves, Black

With a water-resistant shell, these ski gloves will keep you... more info

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£ 2.00

£ 5.50 incl. delivery

Unbranded Heart Frog Metal Button, 50mm, Antique Silver

With its feminine design, this heart-shaped button takes on ... more info

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£ 249.00

£ 249.00 incl. delivery

Adjustoform Juliet Classic Valet Mannequin, size: Medium

Create perfectly tailored pieces and make accurate alteratio... more info

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£ 3.75

£ 7.25 incl. delivery

East of India Ink Stamp, Heart

A fun and tiny ink stamp measuring 3 x 2.5cm featuring a hea... more info

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£ 23.00

£ 26.50 incl. delivery

Cleopatra's Needle Daffodils Glasses Case Tapestry Kit

This tapestry kit from Cleopatra's Needle contains all ... more info

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£ 21.99

£ 25.24 incl. delivery

Vant Power 11.1V 4200mAh 35C With Deans Connector

A high capacity upgraded Li-Po battery with pre-soldered dea... more info

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£ 29.99

£ 33.49 incl. delivery

Barts Touch Screen Powerstretch Gloves, Black, size: S/M

Allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet without having... more info

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£ 99.00

£ 99.00 incl. delivery

Adjustoform Entry Model Small Dressmaking Mannequin, Grey

Bring life to your dressmaking projects with this handy mann... more info

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£ 149.00

£ 149.00 incl. delivery

Adjustoform Gentleman's Valet Mannequin

Brown fabric covered body on natural solid wood stand and do... more info

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