There’s a huge choice of pushchairs on the market these days, and picking out a new one is no walk in the park. Not only does a pushchair need to be comfortable and safe, but it also needs to slot neatly into your lifestyle.

PriceRunner has scouted deals on hundreds of pushchairs, from singles and tandems, to twins and triplets, as well as various combi models in a variety of configurations. You’ll also find travel systems for young infants, which conveniently combine carriers and cots into one portable package. Whether you want something simple and affordable, or luxurious and feature packed, you’ll find models from all the leading brands right here - including Mamas & Papas, Maxi-Cosi, and Chicco.

Pushchair buying guide

A pushchair is often one of the most expensive items of baby equipment you'll need to buy, so it's essential to pick the right pushchair to suit your lifestyle. There's a huge choice of pushchairs on the market, from budget models to well-known mid-range brands such as Cosatto and Graco, and coveted designer brands such as Bugaboo and iCandy.

Here are just a few pointers that'll help you pick out the perfect one.

Types of pushchair

The word 'pushchair' is actually pretty vague, and it covers a lot of different products. Some of the options available include:

  • Prams – A pram will allow the smallest of babies to lie flat, and they're therefore suitable from birth. There are lots of combined prams/pushchairs on the market, so that once your child is old enough they can sit upright

  • Strollers/buggies – These are the smallest, lightest pushchairs available, and they usually fold down neatly. Most of them can be used once your baby can support their own head, and a solid model could last until they no longer need their wheels

  • Three wheelers – These solid pushchairs often have features such as all-terrain tyres, and are great for outdoorsy families

  • Twin/triple pushchairs – For those who'll be welcoming more than one baby into the family, twin and triple pushchairs have side by side seats, and are sturdy and easy to push

  • Tandem pushchairs – Ideal for those who have a baby and toddler to transport, tandem pushchairs have one seat in front of the other, meaning they're narrow enough to manoeuvre around tight spaces

  • Travel systems – Usually designed to be used from birth to childhood, travel systems have car seats that simply clip in, allowing you to easily transport a small baby. Many of them also easily go from lie-flat pram to pushchair, with just a few adjustments.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a pushchair is how it'll fit into your lifestyle. If you're a city dweller and will be taking your child on public transport, or will need to take your pushchair into spaces such as shops, then a light, compact stroller might suit your needs. However, if you're an outdoorsy type then you might want something a bit more rugged, perhaps with thicker tyres, and there are even special jogging pushchairs for parents who want to take their child along on their daily run.

Three or four wheels

Three wheel pushchairs have become very popular amongst parents, and they allow for easy manoeuvres in narrow spaces such as shops and busy streets. However, four wheels can give you better stability, especially if you're pushing more than one child or a heavy load, so it's worth considering both options.

Age groups

It's recommended that babies are placed in a lie-flat pram for as long as possible, and if you're buying for a newborn then you should check that your pushchair is suitable to use from birth. Once your child can support their own neck, and has outgrown their pram, then many models will simply convert into an upright pushchair, with some of them offering rear-facing seats so you can still keep an eye on your child.

Most basic strollers will last from when your child is three or six months, until they outgrow the need for a pushchair. This varies from child to child, with some kids still needing to use their pushchair occasionally until they reach school age.

Travel systems

Families who are on the move a lot may find a travel system convenient, especially in the early years. These pushchairs come equipped with a compatible car seat which clips into the frame, meaning you can move baby in and out the car without disturbing them. They have the advantage of being easy to use and offering an all in one package, although some models can be bulky so you'll need to check it'll fit into your car's boot.
Some cars with airbags will not let you use rear-facing car seats so make sure to check your car's specifics before choosing a travel system.


Many pushchairs have option accessories that can be added at the time of purchase, and by buying them together it's easier to ensure that they fit properly and are compatible. These could include:

  • Pushchair liners – for extra comfort and style

  • Raincovers – protecting your child from wet weather

  • Footmuffs – keeping your child cosy on cold days

  • Cup holders – holding your child's water bottle or your morning coffee

  • Buggy boards – giving your toddler a place to stand while you push your baby

  • Pram clips – keeping hold of toys and books, or for hanging shopping bags

These items aren't always essential, but they're useful to have when you're on the go, and it's always worth being prepared for changes in weather.

Your pushchair is something you're likely to use on a daily basis, and so having a model that's unsuitable can soon get annoying. That's why it's important to look at the options available, weigh them up, and decide what kind of pushchair will really suit your needs.

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