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£ 9.99

£ 13.49 incl. delivery

Peppa Pig Playground Slide Construction Set

Build your very own playground slide for George Pig and Rebe... more info

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£ 12.00

£ 15.50 incl. delivery

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens R2-D2 Metal Model Kit

Make a stunning R2-D2 model out of sheeny stainless steel wi... more info

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£ 19.97

£ 23.47 incl. delivery

Peppa Pig Schoolhouse Construction Set

It's time to build and play with Peppa Pig and the Pepp... more info

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£ 29.97

£ 33.47 incl. delivery

Peppa Pig Deluxe Peppa's House Construction Set

It's time to build Peppa Pig a home with the Deluxe Pep... more info

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£ 200.00

£ 200.00 incl. delivery

K'Nex Big Ball Factory Construction Set, 3152 Pieces

Lose yourself in nostalgia with this classic 20th Anniversar... more info

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£ 49.99

£ 53.49 incl. delivery

K'Nex Double Doom Roller Coaster Construction Set, 891 Pieces

Have a heart-pumping roller coaster in your bedroom with thi... more info

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£ 17.98

£ 21.48 incl. delivery

K'Nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set

This bumper set of construction pieces from the hugely popul... more info

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£ 2.00

£ 5.50 incl. delivery

Professor Puzzle Styracosaurus Construction Kit

Can you build a Styracosaurus?! Simply pop all of the parts ... more info

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£ 5.00

£ 8.50 incl. delivery

Professor Puzzle Stanley Spider Construction Kit

Build your own Stanley Spider with this top notch creative k... more info

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£ 2.00

£ 5.50 incl. delivery

Professor Puzzle Velociraptor Construction Kit

Can you build a Velociraptor?! You'll find all the part... more info

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£ 9.99

£ 13.49 incl. delivery

K'Nex Cars Building Set

Get zooming with the K'Nex Cars Building Set. Use over ... more info

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£ 13.00

£ 16.50 incl. delivery

Mookie 3D Magic Vehicles and Buildings Construction Set

Please note : This product is designed to be used with 3D Ma... more info

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