Pearls Toys

£ 12.00

£ 15.50 incl. delivery

Mini Piccolo Butterfly Bead Kit

Get creative with this fun bead kit from Bead Bazaar. Contai... more info

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£ 4.99

£ 8.49 incl. delivery

Ty Beanie Babies Pearl Cat Soft Toy, 15cm

This sparkly eyed feline friend is an adorable choice for a ... more info

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£ 10.00

£ 13.50 incl. delivery

John Lewis Scoubie Bead Set

What are you going to make today? With our Scoubie Bead Set ... more info

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£ 7.99

£ 11.98 incl. delivery

Beado's Theme Pack (Styles May Vary) [Refill pack]

The hit craze is back and better than ever Beados the magic ... more info

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£ 9.94

£ 13.93 incl. delivery

Perler Plastic Beads 6000 kg Black

Perler-Beads. Be creative and design your Perler pegboards (... more info

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£ 10.99

£ 10.99 incl. delivery

Playbox Beads in Bucket (X-Large, 950-Piece)

Playbox - XL beads in bucket (pastel) - 950 pcs - (PBX2456208) more info

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£ 5.50

£ 9.49 incl. delivery

Playbox Kongo Basic Plastic Beads (1000 Pieces)

Playbox - Plastic Beads (Kongo) Basic - 1000 pcs - (PBX2470717) more info

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£ 1.59

£ 5.58 incl. delivery

Unique Party Metallic Purple Bead Necklaces, Pack of 4

Add some extra glitz and glam to your party wear these Metal... more info

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£ 3.99

£ 7.98 incl. delivery

Aqua Beads Aquabeads Bead Remover (Multi-Colour)

Just push down on the bead with this nifty bead picker, twis... more info

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£ 4.99

£ 8.98 incl. delivery

Aqua Beads Aquabeads Jewel Bead Pack

This is a refill set of jewel beads with eight different col... more info

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£ 1.59

£ 5.58 incl. delivery

Unique Party Metallic Blue Bead Necklaces, Pack of 4

Bring a touch of style to the celebration with our Blue Meta... more info

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£ 5.99

£ 9.98 incl. delivery

John Adams "Ezee Beads Under the Sea" Craft (Multi-Colour)

Create your own colourful eZee Bead shapes which magically s... more info

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£ 6.48

£ 10.47 incl. delivery

Darice Plastic Pony Beads 6mmX9mm 720/Pkg-Pearl White

Darice-Pony Beads. High Quality Essentials For Creating! Thi... more info

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£ 9.68

£ 13.67 incl. delivery

Beado's Series 4 Pen (Multi-Color)

Load up your Beados Pen with neon beads, select the colour y... more info

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£ 1.99

£ 5.98 incl. delivery

Perler Beads Pack (1000-Piece, Dark Grey)

PERLER-Fuse Beads. Package contains 1000 replacement fuse be... more info

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