Canon Camcorders


Choosing a Canon camcorder

Japanese brand Canon is renowned for producing top quality kit, so a Canon camcorder will always be a safe bet. Canon camcorders range from sleek and stylish compact models for home use, right up to fully-kitted out monsters for professionals and enthusiasts. The majority of Canon cameras record onto SD cards, and offer more features and settings the more you pay.

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Max Video Resolution ?

Manufacturer 1

3D ?

Optical zoom ?

Still Pictures ?

Still Pictures (MP) ?

Memory Cards

Wi-Fi ?

Display ?

Sensor ?

Image Stabilization

Image Stabilisation Type ?

Flash / Light

Max Frames Per Second (FPS) ?

Flash Memory

Recording format ?

Built-in Memory ?

Max Supported Memory (GB) ?

Viewfinder ?


Remote Control ?

Digital zoom ?

Filter size ?




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