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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The perfect holiday companion, this Kindle's screen even looks like a book.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect eBook reader and is especially well suited for your holiday. This handy eBook reader is designed with portability in mind, making this the go-to eBook reader for those of you on the go. And with a total storage space of 4 GB you’ll have more than enough storage to fit whole libraries of books onto your device.


What really makes this eBook reader stand out from other models is that its screen is made specifically to look like a real book. Unlike the screens of smartphones, tablets or laptops, the Kindle Paperwhite generates text that actually looks like real ink on paper – with zero glare and an excellent high-resolution 300 ppi display. This means you can read your favourite novel by the pool on holiday with absolutely no reflection whatsoever. You can also customise it by choosing your preferred font style and size.

There’s also a new typesetting engine that mirrors the text layout of the original prints so you read books exactly as the author intended. The Kindle Paperwhite also uses a system of guiding light towards the display surface to create the optimum amount of screen brightness depending on environmental conditions – reducing the risk of tired eyes.

The battery life is fantastic and you will find a single charge lasts up to, depending on usage, six long weeks – meaning you probably won’t need to include the charger in your baggage weight allowance. Once you’ve tried the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, you'll wonder why you hadn’t bought one of these ages ago. Unlike a tablet or smartphone, there’s no distraction of push notifications, calls or text messages – you just get a relaxing read without interruption.

What’s hot:

  • Great front-lit display
  • Speedy performance
  • Amazon's extensive eBook collection

What’s not:

  • No headphone jack
  • AC adapter sold separately
  • 3G is expensive

Why you should buy it:

For a pretty low price you get a device that almost makes you believe you’re reading a normal book, but with all the wonderful benefits of an e-reader.