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Bosch SMV65M10GB Integrated

Quiet, efficient and fully integrated, this dishwasher is well worth a look.

If you’re an environmentally-aware UK buyer looking for an efficient, quiet-as-a-mouse, fully-integrated dishwasher capable of leaving your cutlery spick and span and instantly ready for the cupboard (phew!), then this is your model.


Bosch has designed a particularly impressive dishwasher in the SMV65M10GB. It’s fully integrated, meaning it’s designed to be hidden inside a kitchen cupboard, and is large enough to hold 13 place settings (or 130 items). It comes with six different programmes depending on how intensive you wish the cycle, while a series of sensors detect how heavy your load is and how dirty the dishes are. It will then adjust the volume of water and intensity of spray accordingly. It’s got height adjustable baskets, a 24 delay timer (if you want to put off your wash until night to benefit from cheaper tariffs) and, finally, flood protection.

VarioSpeed Plus ensures your wash is up to 66% faster than that of some of the competitors, and the programming functions are extremely user friendly and largely intuitively labelled. Most importantly the SMV65M10GB cleans and dries your dishes, cutlery and pans extremely well – leaving your items bone dry and ready to be flung straight back into your cupboards and drawers without so much as a dab of cloth required. There’s the odd watermark on a spoon here or there but nothing to get worked up about.

This model is brilliant with energy and water consumption and you should find that even using it nightly, your annual bill will barely touch £50. It also has an eco-programme feature to reduce water usage even further. Finally, in terms of noise this Bosch dishwasher is pretty quiet while in operation. Yes, you’ll hear some swirling and whooshing, but it’s unlikely to wake anyone up at night.

What’s hot:

  • Excellent cleaning and drying
  • A ++ Energy Rating
  • Great features

What’s not:

  • Top rack tricky to access
  • No child safety lock
  • Occasional watermark on cutlery

Why you should buy it:

UK buyers won’t be disappointed with the Bosch SMV65M10GB. You may find there’s the occasional watermark but otherwise this is a highly efficient, excellent cleaner and dryer of dishes.

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