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Beko UF483APW White

Small and slimline, this cheap Beko freezes well and gets the basics spot on.

This is another low-budget offering from Beko; an under the counter, freestanding freezer that gets the basics right without wowing us with a huge array of features.


The slimline Beko UF483APW has dimensions of 82 cm (H) x 47.5 cm (W) x 53 cm (D) and a storage capacity of 65 litres. That’s sufficient for a single person or a couple if you Deliveroo a lot or more fresh food than frozen. There are three transparent compartments which are all relatively easy to access and clean, but precious few fancy features. What this model does possess is a reversible front door should you wish to harmonise your freezer’s door swing with the rest of your cupboards and devices in the kitchen.

It also has Freezer Guard – a piece of design technology to ensure your freezer functions perfectly in a heatwave or cold snap (it can survive temperatures as low as -15 degrees); and that’s your lot. There are no temperature warning lights, no fast freeze (unless you just whack the thermostat down), no open door alert, and worst of all no frost-free.

On the plus side this is an easy model to operate – apart from the thermostat being positioned at the rear of the unit – and it freezes perfectly well. If you’re unlucky enough to experience a power outage in your street you’ve barely got half a day before the food in your freezer spoils however, so if your neighbourhood is prone to cuts you might want to pass on this model. It’s also very quiet, generating just 37 decibels - less noise than is created by birdsong outside your window. Finally, with an A + energy rating you should save a few quid over the years, as well as do your bit for the environment.

What’s hot:

  • Very cheap to buy
  • Freezes well
  • Very quiet

What’s not:

  • Door doesn’t always seal properly
  • Have to reach around back for thermostat
  • Power failure safe storage of barely half a day

Why you should buy it:

UK buyers looking for a bare basics model that achieves the main goal of freezing and keeping your food frozen - one that’s also pretty efficient and can fit anywhere - should give serious consideration to the Beko UF483APW.