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Indesit UIAA12SI Silver

A pretty average appliance, but it's inexpensive, energy-efficient and freezes well.

Indesit’s UIAA12SI is the silver finish version of the UIAA12. It’s a cheap but effective freestanding freezer with plenty of space and with a good energy efficiency rating (saving the environment and you a few pennies). UK buyers will be pleased to know it freezes well and comes with a few useful features.


With dimensions of 175 (H) x 60 cm (W) x 65 cm (D) this contribution from Indesit has a fairly substantial storage capacity of 235 litres across seven compartments. Two of these compartments are handily designed for oversized items such as racks of ham. As a basic model you’re not overwhelmed with features, but you do at least get some integrated ice cube trays and a temperature warning light for when you’ve left the door open too long or perhaps if you’ve set the thermostat incorrectly. In the rare event of a power cut you have a power failure safe storage time of 13 hours – a few hours less than you get with an average freezer of this size but probably enough time to see out the outage safely before your food spoils.

The Indesit UIAA12SI packs some power and has been shown to freeze a full load within 24 hours – an impressive achievement for a budget model. With an A + energy rating you’ll also save money on your electricity bills.

A couple of other points of note are that this machine generates 44 decibels of noise (with the average conversation hovering just under 70 decibels) so it shouldn’t keep the dog awake at night. Sadly you will have to manually defrost this freezer as it’s not a frost-free model.

What’s hot:

  • Freezes effectively
  • Energy efficient (A + rating)
  • Cheap to buy and run

What’s not:

  • Requires manual defrosting
  • Lacking fast-freeze
  • Paucity of features in general

Why you should buy it:

This is a powerful and effective freezer that may lack features but does the job it’s supposed to do and it won’t cost a bomb. A solid B+.