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Indesit TZAA10 White

Small and inexpensive to buy, but freezes slowly and can be costly to run.

The Indesit TZAA10 is an inexpensive, under-the-counter freezer with some handy basic functions. It maintains temperatures well but requires manual defrosting.


This particular freezer has dimensions of 85 cm (H) x 54.5 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) and an internal capacity of 77 litres across four drawers. It’s not the biggest freezer, but should be suitable for a small family or couple. As a fairly cheap model it doesn’t come with a dazzling array of modern features – it’s missing such staples as a temperature warning light and Fast Freeze - but it does at least come with an ice cube tray and a pretty decent noise level of 40 decibels (60 to 70 decibels is the volume of an average conversation).

Indesit claims this model DOES come with Fast Freeze, but what they mean is you must manually turn the thermostat to the max and then remember to return it to its original setting when you’re done. It’s a bit like saying a dishwasher has an auto power-off feature, but then instructing you to sit patiently on a stool waiting for the cycle to finish before turning it off yourself.

Unfortunately this freezer can only freeze 3.5 kilos of food in 24 hours – well below average. The A + energy rating is also a little misleading as it’s been shown that this freezer is more expensive to run than other models of its size. On the plus side it maintains a steady low temperature even when the environment outside heats up or cools down, and if you’re the victim of a power outage you get a not-insubstantial 17 hour window during which your food will continue to be safely frozen.

What’s hot:

  • Cheap to buy
  • Maintains temperatures well
  • Good if you’re short on space

What’s not:

  • Not as efficient as it claims
  • Slow freezing
  • Manual defrosting required

Why you should buy it:

We would struggle to recommend this to UK buyers due to its slow freezing times and relatively expensive running costs. It does have a few positives such as the cheap price, so buyers might want to do some more research before drawing any conclusions.