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Beko TFF546APW White

A frost-free tall freezer with loads of features and deep drawers for large items.

If you’re looking for a well-insulated, inexpensive, relatively slimline but tall freezer that gets the basics right (i.e. freezing) – then the Beko TFF546APW could be the one for you.


This is a tall and narrow freezer with dimensions of 145.5 cm (H) x 54.5 cm (W) x 59.5 cm (D). It has a net capacity of 157 litres across five compartments. There are some seriously deep drawers if you’re keen on freezing large items such as beef joints or big containers, and there are also ice cube trays if you fancy a cocktail party. With Beko’s freezer guard technology this model can withstand some extreme temperatures – down to minus 15 degrees centigrade – so if you wish to store this outdoors or in a garage you can.

Despite being a relatively basic design there are a few useful features, such as the temperature warning light to let you know if the ice is starting to thaw, or the fast freeze function for a rapid burst of cold if you’ve returned from the supermarket with melting ice cream. Fast freeze is also great for locking in the nutrients of your fresh food. One great piece of news is that it’s also frost-free, meaning you won’t have to endure regular manual defrosts.

The Beko TFF546APW can freeze a large quantity of fresh food pretty quickly, and it maintains those low temperatures regardless of the environment outside. If you get a power cut the safe storage time is not too shabby 17 hours – although this is a bit less than average for a freezer of this type. It’s also rated A + in terms of energy efficiency so shouldn’t cost more than £45 a year to run.

What’s hot:

  • Good capacity for fresh food
  • Freezes effectively
  • No manual defrost needed

What’s not:

  • Bit more expensive to run than similar models
  • Fiddly drawers
  • Product lifespan called into question

Why you should buy it:

UK buyers looking for a budget tall freestanding freezer should at least consider the Beko TFF546APW. It’s relatively cheap to run, freezes well and doesn’t need manual defrosting. However, there are better, more efficient freezers out there.