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Beko UFF584APW White

Inexpensive to buy, but can be costly to run. Freezes very well, though.

If you’re after a budget under-the-counter freezer that doesn’t need defrosting and performs its main task of freezing with superb proficiency – then you may well want to consider the Beko UFF584APW.


This compact offering from Beko has dimensions of 84 cm (H) x 54.5 cm (W) x 59.5 cm (D) and an internal storage of 75 litres, which is ample for an individual or maybe a couple. Inside you’ve got three compartments – two transparent drawers for your larger items and a space behind a flap lid for the smaller items. It also has a freezing tray for ice cubes. Features are thin on the ground – you get no temperature or open door warnings – but crucially this freezer is frost free, which means thankfully no manual defrosting is required. It also has FreezerGuard, which is a Beko term for the model being able to withstand a wide range of outside temperatures from -15 degrees to 43 degrees centigrade. The UFF584APW can therefore cope with some extreme cold snaps and even heatwaves the likes of which have never been seen in the UK.

Beko claim this model also contains fast freeze – a method to quickly blast new items fresh from the shopping bag – but the reality is they expect you to simply turn the thermostat down and then remember to put it back later. It’s a bit like claiming a toaster has a built-in smoke detector but then expecting the buyer to stand over it with his nose out, ready to sniff for evidence of singed Mother’s Pride. It’s relatively quiet at 43 decibels (about the background noise of your average library) and it will safely keep your food from spoiling for ten hours in the event of a power cut – not that long compared to other models.

This freezer does actually do the job of freezing remarkably well. Not only will it comfortably freeze 11kg of fresh food to minus 18 degrees within 24 hours but it will keep it down there very successfully. This is a great performance for a relatively small unit. However, this comes at a price. It’s been shown to cost more to run than other rivals by a small distance, so although it’s cheap to buy this could prove a false economy in the long run.

What’s hot:

  • Extremely cheap
  • Freezes well
  • No manual defrosting

What’s not:

  • Not as efficient as it could be
  • Power failure safe storage of just 10 hours
  • Light on features

Why you should buy it:

Although it’s cheap as chips to buy and performs its main job of freezing extremely well, the Beko UFF584APW has been shown to be quite expensive to run. There are more efficient models out there.