Dj stand DJ Equipment

£ 1,279.00

£ 1,279.00 incl. delivery

Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Sampler

The Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 is a stand-alone sampler and 16-... more info

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£ 253.82

£ 253.82 incl. delivery

Sony DWZ-B50GB

Set Digital Wireless Guitar in the 2.4GHz band, the transmis... more info

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£ 61.68

£ 61.68 incl. delivery

Manhasset Symphony 48 W

In addition to providing the Model No. 48 Symphony Stand in ... more info

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£ 66.00

£ 66.00 incl. delivery

Magma Control Stand

Sturdy equipment stand to accomodate a DJ Controller and Lap... more info

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£ 1,759.00

£ 1,759.00 incl. delivery

LiteConsole MK2 presentation and DJ stand

This imposing Prolyte console features a large working surfa... more info

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£ 56.00

£ 60.95 incl. delivery

Laserworld EL120R Ecoline 120mW Red laser (stand-alone)

The compact Ecoline stand-alone lasers are the most budget-f... more info

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£ 971.00

£ 971.00 incl. delivery

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ controller with PRO-DDJXS-FLT flight case

This set combines the renowned Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ controller... more info

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£ 62.00

£ 66.95 incl. delivery

Ayra TDC Hybrid Beam LED wash and light effect

The Ayra TDC Hybrid Beam is a two-for-the-price-of-one light... more info

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£ 31.00

£ 35.95 incl. delivery

Decksaver Denon SC2900-SC3900 dust cover

Thanks to the Decksaver Denon SC2900-3900 dust cover, dust, ... more info

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£ 521.00

£ 521.00 incl. delivery

Ayra ERO 030 plug-and-play LED moving head kit

This plug-and-play LED moving head kit consists of everythin... more info

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£ 6.10

£ 11.05 incl. delivery

Magic FX Magic FX Electric Confetti Cannon 80 cm orange

Make a theatre show or gig really stand out with these beaut... more info

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£ 312.00

£ 312.00 incl. delivery

Glorious Diamond White DJ stand

This stylish, wooden Diamond White DJ stand by Glorious feat... more info

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£ 118.00

£ 122.95 incl. delivery

Showtec DIM-4LC Dimming Pack Local Control

This DIM4-LC is a compact yet powerful dimmer from Showtec t... more info

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£ 576.00

£ 576.00 incl. delivery

Antari F-1 fazer with W-DMX

With this smoke machine, you can make your light effects sta... more info

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£ 70.00

£ 74.95 incl. delivery

Ayra ComPar 30 compact LED PAR with remote

The ComPar 30 is the next step up from the ComPar 20. It off... more info

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£ 1,184.00

£ 1,184.00 incl. delivery

LiteConsole XPRS black presentation and DJ stand

A must-have for (aspiring) DJs: this splendid DJ stand looks... more info

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£ 1,105.00

£ 1,105.00 incl. delivery

LiteConsole XPRS aluminium presentation and DJ stand

The LiteConsole is an attractive multifunctional stand with ... more info

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£ 55.00

£ 59.95 incl. delivery

Ayra TDC Burst 6 LED light effect

The Ayra Burst 6 is a compact LED light effect with a dynami... more info

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£ 51.00

£ 55.95 incl. delivery

Ayra ComPar 20 RGB LED spotlight

This Ayra ComPar 20 is a powerful RGB LED spotlight. Remarka... more info

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£ 189.00

£ 189.00 incl. delivery

Glorious Gig Bar White DJ stand

The Glorious Gig Bar (White) is a stylish piece of furniture... more info

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