Pa system DJ Equipment

£ 75.30

£ 75.30 incl. delivery

citronic Cx34 2/3/4-Way Active Crossover

Citronic CX34 ACTIVE CROSSOVER - 2 / 3 / 4-WAY The CX34 is a... more info

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£ 253.93

£ 253.93 incl. delivery

PA System "Basstigall USB" Set Amplifier Boxes Mics 1600W

The 'Basstigal USB' set is a complete solution f... more info

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£ 129.00

Delivery unknown

KAM RZ8AP V3 Portable PA System

The KAM RZ8AP V3 Portable PA System allows you to play music... more info

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£ 37.30

£ 37.30 incl. delivery

IMG Stage Line 25.1590 Protective Bag for Speaker System

Protective bags for speaker systems PAB-115BAG: for the PA s... more info

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£ 111.42

£ 111.42 incl. delivery

Pyle-Pro PWMA170 Dual Channel 400W Wireless PA System

Usb/sd/mmc card reader function Lcd card reader display for ... more info

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£ 58.10

£ 58.10 incl. delivery

Stagg SPS10-AL BK SET Speaker Stand

Stagg Set of 2 x SPS10-AL BK aluminium speaker stands A supe... more info

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£ 150.82

£ 150.82 incl. delivery

Pyle-Pro PWMA970 Wireless Rechargeable Portable PA System

Play and charge your ipod - compatible with ipod nano Sd car... more info

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£ 161.81

£ 161.81 incl. delivery

Pyle-Pro PWMA370 Wireless Rechargeable Portable PA System

Ultimate wireless portable pa system Wireless microphone and... more info

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£ 118.34

£ 118.34 incl. delivery

Pyle-Pro PWMA160 Wireless PA System

Lcd card reader display for number of song and play time Int... more info

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£ 34.13

£ 34.13 incl. delivery

Pyle-Pro PWMA50S Waist-Band PA System with Mic - Silver

Small super powerful voice amplifier Used by teachers, coach... more info

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£ 171.75

£ 171.75 incl. delivery

Pyle-Pro PWMA860I Wireless iPod Powered PA System

This wireless, 500 watt two-way PA system is perfect for eve... more info

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£ 799.02

£ 799.02 incl. delivery

Fishman SA220 Solo Performance System PA

The Fishman Solo Performance System (formerly known as the S... more info

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