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How to get the best price on washer dryers

There are plenty of aspects to consider when shopping around for the best washer dryer solution for your household.

These appliances tend to make excellent choices when you don’t have the physical space required to easily hang up and dry your clothes after they’ve been machine washed. However, as with all convenience, drying your clothes automatically will ultimately cost more.

The first thing you should consider is how long the average wash/dry cycle will take, as this will determine how much washing you’ll be able to get through over the course of an average day. The spin speed of your dryer is also important in this regard – although faster spin speeds cost more, they also dry your clothes faster. Typically spin speeds vary between 1,000-1,600 RPM.

Finally, consider whether an extended warranty is available with your washer dryer model. Although this will cost more initially, it can eventually prove to be extremely valuable if you experience any difficulties with your washer dryer.

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