Water butts Garden Accessories

£ 25.99

£ 28.99 incl. delivery

Proplus Water Butt Pump With Floating Switch 350w

ProPlus Water Butt Pump With Floating Switch. Submersible pu... more info

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£ 27.00

£ 30.95 incl. delivery

Karcher Suction Hose Filter with Quick Connect

This suction hose with a built in filter allows you to conne... more info

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£ 7.14

£ 15.09 incl. delivery

Wickes Water Butt Linking Kit

Coupling allows two water butts to be interconnected thereby... more info

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£ 10.99

Delivery unknown

Black 4 Piece Water Butt Stand

Details. Black Four Piece Water Butt Stand, will fit our 100... more info

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£ 36.97

£ 36.97 incl. delivery

Silverline 633872 Water Butt Pump, 400 W 2500 L/h

400W pump for use in water butts and other large water conta... more info

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£ 49.09

£ 49.09 incl. delivery

Whitefurze 250L Water Butt - Green

Our water butt kits are the easiest way to collect, store an... more info

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£ 7.83

£ 11.82 incl. delivery

Ing. G. Beckmann KG FAS Water Butt Connection

For 3/4-inch hose, with seals Perfect for Beckmann water but... more info

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£ 3.90

Delivery unknown

25mm Extension Hose for Water Butt Divertor or Linking Kit - Black

Details. External Diameter 25mm / Internal Diameter 19.9mm. ... more info

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£ 209.95

Delivery unknown

210L RainBowl Vase Water Butts in 4 Colours

Details. These 210 Litres Water Butts are beautifully made a... more info

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£ 79.95

Delivery unknown

150L Rattan Wicker Effect Polybutt Water Butt

Details. The Rattan Wicker Effect Polybutt Water Butts are s... more info

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£ 11.95

Delivery unknown

Buttacup Flow Planters for Water Butts

Details. Brighten up your home and garden, with these decora... more info

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