Water butts Garden Accessories

Hozelock Waterbutt Pump

The quick way to make use of rainwater stored in your water ... more info

£ 50.00

£ 53.00 incl. delivery

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Suction Hoses in various sizes Westfalia

Suction hose is ideal for the home (for aquariums,) the gard... more info

£ 12.99

£ 17.98 incl. delivery

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Crowder Stax Watering Can 10 Litre Green

Stax's 10 Litre Green Watering is every Gardeners frien... more info

£ 4.99

£ 8.98 incl. delivery

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Wickes Water Butt Linking Kit

Coupling allows two water butts to be interconnected thereby... more info

£ 7.14

£ 15.09 incl. delivery

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Proplus Water Butt Pump With Floating Switch 350w

ProPlus Water Butt Pump With Floating Switch. Submersible pu... more info

£ 25.99

£ 28.99 incl. delivery

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Silverline 633872 Water Butt Pump, 400 W 2500 L/h

400W pump for use in water butts and other large water conta... more info

£ 31.69

£ 31.69 incl. delivery

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Whitefurze 250L Water Butt - Green

Our water butt kits are the easiest way to collect, store an... more info

£ 59.19

£ 59.19 incl. delivery

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Irrigatia 30m Tube Extension Kit

Tube Extension kit for the Irrigatia Unique Solar Automatic ... more info

£ 16.95

£ 16.95 incl. delivery

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Ing. G. Beckmann KG FAS Water Butt Connection

For 3/4-inch hose, with seals Perfect for Beckmann water but... more info

£ 7.73

£ 11.72 incl. delivery

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Wilko Water Butt with Tap Green 250L

Water your garden the eco-friendly way with this robust Wilk... more info

£ 30.00

£ 34.00 incl. delivery

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Wilko Rain Link Kit

The Wilko Water Butt Connector allows you to join together t... more info

£ 2.00

£ 6.00 incl. delivery

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Water Butt Green 230L

Water your garden the eco-friendly way with this robust Wilk... more info

£ 25.00

£ 29.00 incl. delivery

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