Fridges Buying Guide

A Guide to Buying Refrigerators

Buying a new refrigerator can seem like a large investment, which makes it even more important to get it right when you make a decision. Take a look at our guide to buying fridges to make sure you pick the one that’s ideal for your needs.

Initial steps

The first thing you need to do when deciding on a fridge to buy is carefully measure the space where it will go to ensure that whatever you choose fits properly. You then need to decide which way you want the refrigerator doors to open so that your fridge is easy to access.

There are a number of other features that you can look out for to make your fridge work better for your needs. They include:

Auto defrost

With auto defrost you should never have to defrost your fridge yourself although if you have an icebox it will require periodic defrosting.

Antibacterial coating

If you want to improve the hygiene of your fridge, for example if members of your family are more vulnerable, such as babies and elderly people, then you can purchase a fridge with an antibacterial coating on the interior.

Fixtures and shelves

With most mid-range fridges you can order extra fixtures and shelving to improve the benefits. Glass shelves are generally more expensive than wire ones but can help prevent food from dripping and contaminating other food.

You can also choose a fridge that comes complete with a wine rack, egg rack and compartments for butter/cheese etc.

Energy efficiency

These days it’s important to consider our carbon footprint when purchasing any white goods and many newer fridges are much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than they once were. All fridges have an energy rating of A-G, where A is the most efficient. These days only A+ and A++ fridges are being manufactured in Europe and the UK.

Running costs

It’s important to take into account how expensive your fridge will be to run when deciding on the right model for you. It’s possible to work out an estimate of the actual running costs of a fridge by multiplying the KW used with the cost of electricity in your area. However, the price you pay will vary dependant on the cost of your electricity supply.

Fridge or Fridge Freezer?

You can choose a combines fridge freezer or two separate models depending on ths space you have and your needs.

If you don’t have much space then a fridge freezer is often the best option. It’s then a question of how you want your fridge freezer to be configured. If you have more space and a large family to accommodate than an American style double sized fridge freezer could be idea.

When choosing a fridge freezer it’s better to choose a model that has independent controls for the fridge and the freezer. This is so that the thermostat in the fridge is not being relied upon to control the compressor for the freezer, which lessens the possibility of the fridge or freezer being at the wrong temperature.

If you don’t eat much frozen food then you could be better off purchasing a fridge with a zero degrees Celsius compartment that’s ideal for storing frozen ready meals or other items.

If you are planning on getting a large American style freezer it may come with a chilled water or ice dispenser built in. if you want to use this feature then your fridge will need to be no more than one meter away from the nearest water source. Sometimes, the size of the evaporator that’s used in American style fridges can create a higher noie level from the fridge so if you want a particularly quiet model then a large American style fridge may not be your best choice.

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