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3D TVs burst onto the market in 2010 and were predicted to be the next big thing but they haven’t quite taken off to the extent that was predicted. The limited content availability for 3D TVs is probably to blame for that and if that catches up with demand then we may see a resurgence of in-home 3D technology before long. Don’t forget to pick up your extra sets of 3D glasses so you can show off your new 3D TV to your friends and family.


What should I look for in a 3D TV?

It has to be said that 3D TV has been slow to take off, due in large part to a lack of effective technology. Over the next couple of years, however, that’s definitely going to change. The technology is finally being developed that will fuel the much anticipated 3D TV revolution.

Fancy watching your favourite film in stunning 3D? Want to watch your favourite team and feel like you’re pitch-side? With the new range of 3D TVs emerging, this is a real possibility. With an LG 3D TV, you can experience great 3D images with glasses and over the course of the next year or so, 3D TVs without the need to wear the accompanying glasses are going to be hitting the shelves.

With the big brands on board, competition is sure to drive the prices of 3D TVs down. It will be possible to find some great 3D TV deals over the next twelve months. Keep your eyes peeled.


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