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HP Laptops

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HP have held a prominent position in the laptop market for many years now – as well as the computer industry as a whole. Because of their typically large screens, HP laptops are very well suited to home use, though the brand also produces sleeker and lighter HP laptops for those on-the-go. Below you’ll find deals on well over 800 HP laptops, giving you no end of choice.


How to pick a HP laptop

Laptops are great solutions for a wide range of computing requirements. They’re useful for note-taking in academic environments, can easily be transported when you’re on the move, and are excellent for working on in cafes or public areas.

While there are plenty of reasons why a laptop might be preferable to a desktop model, it’s also important to understand how these two differ.

HP laptops are targeted towards audiences that are either interested in light weight models, large screen sizes or powerful functionality. With all these models, it’s important to consider the laptop’s battery life – especially if it’ll often be unplugged in the environment where it’s used.

Generally the weight of an HP laptop is put into one of three categories: less than 2 kg, 2-2.5 kg, and more than 2.5 kg. While it depends on numerous other factors, generally lighter models will be cheaper as these are deliberately built with materials intended to reduce the model’s overall weight. However, lighter models may be less durable, so a warranty should always be considered.