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A top-notch tumble dryer that dries quickly and evenly and is feature-filled

If you’re scouring the UK market for a high-quality condenser tumble dryer with oodles of mod-cons, then do please have a look at the Bosch WTB84200GB. It’s a bit pricier than some, but you get what you pay for.

A condenser tumble dryer means the moisture from the cycle is collected in a receptacle rather than ejected through a pipe. It requires emptying and there’s a handy water-full indicator on the WTB84200GB to this effect. As an automatic model you don’t have to do anything beyond selecting the right program for your fabrics and then pressing the start button. Sensors inside detect the moisture levels in the drum to know when to stop. This gives you two main benefits – cheaper electricity bills, and a cut-off that saves your clothes from accidental heat damage. However, if you under-fill the load it can confuse the sensor – be warned. This model lets you choose how dry you want the clothes to be and the sensor will adjust its sensitivity accordingly.

The dimensions of this machine are 84.2 (H) x 59.8 cm (W) x 63.6 cm (D) and the maximum load capacity is 8 kg, which is sufficient for a medium to large family. The door opening is nice and spacious so the drum is easily accessible. There are 15 drying programs for different types of fabrics and differing drying needs. There are programmes for wool, cotton, and sports articles, as well as settings for anti-crease, cupboard-dry, quick dry and many more besides. It has a 24-hour delay start option; a child lock; an LED timer; and an audio alert when the cycle has finished.

It’s extremely effective at drying all types of fabrics, and particularly quick with cotton. Everything is dried evenly and it has to be said the WTB84200GB performs its primary function to perfection. It has a ‘B’ energy rating, which is actually quite decent for a dryer, and emits 65 decibels of noise. Although billed as a super stable, super silent dryer, 65 is about average. But we can forgive Bosch this one small hiccup because in all other respects this is a doozy.

What’s hot:

  • Dries quickly and evenly
  • Reverse action reduces creasing
  • Loads of features

What’s not:

  • Not as quiet as it claims
  • Small loads can confuse the sensor
  • Quite expensive

Why you should buy it: This is a very good condenser tumble dryer that seems to tick almost every box. It dries quickly and evenly and has tons of features. It comes highly recommended.