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This state-of-the-art Samsung Smart TV needs to be seen to be believed.

This is a truly stunning curved television with a range of fantastic features. It delivers imagery of the highest standard, with fabulous sound to match.

Samsung’s 9-series televisions are renowned for their state-of-the-art technology, but they really need to be seen to be believed. HDR viewing is awesome, with twice the brightness of conventional UHD and an excellent auto depth enhancer which makes images come to life in impressive detail. The UE55KS9000 has Quantum Dot Colour, recreating over a billion colours - sixty-four times more than standard UHD. There are televisions out there with even greater vibrancy and more detail in the darker areas, but you’d be hard pushed to think of many better, particularly in this price bracket. The viewing angle isn’t the widest, so if you fill the room with family or friends, those on the edges will struggle to enjoy the UE55KS9000 in its full glory.

The sound quality is rich and immersive and possibly the biggest selling point of this model. The balance is superb and thundering bass is produced to great effect, negating the need to add a soundbar. That said, if you do want to enrich the experience with a soundbar or home cinema system, there are the usual digital audio output sockets and plenty of HDMI ports.

Further noteworthy features of the UE55KS9000 are the PVR functionality (for pausing and recording live TV), the Tizen menu system, all the usual Smart TV features and streaming services, and much more. There are a whopping four HDMI ports and three USB sockets, so you won’t struggle to find a socket for your consoles, Blu-ray players and so on. Finally, the TV comes with an excellent Smart Remote that can be programmed to control all your devices in one.

What’s hot:

  • Great pictures, especially in 4K
  • Next-level sound quality
  • Jam-packed with features and a great remote

What’s not:

  • Slightly slow when switching channels
  • On the expensive side
  • No SCART for backward compatibility

––Why you should buy it:__ The picture quality is strong and the sound solid. You’ll struggle to find such a good all-round package for a lower cost in the UK.