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LG 55UH950V

A top-notch HDR display and features-aplenty make this a superb option. If you’re after a stunning 55-inch Super UHD 4K television, don’t mind that it lacks OLED technology, but still want oodles of top features; then you have to consider the LG 55UH950V for your shortlist.

LG’s latest flagship models all contain OLED screens and they all cost a small fortune. The 55UH950V is significantly cheaper for ditching the tech, but across the board the display is still incredibly sharp and impressive. The television itself is practically a work of art, almost bezel-less and only 6mm deep and with an excellent viewing angle. This model supports HDR and Dolby Vision with a striking 4K Quantum Display, offering over a billion different shades and hues of colour. Ultra Luminance provides astonishing contrasts, leaving whites dazzling and blacks tremendously even and perfectly dark. The result is you get levels of depths unseen in the past, and such a vibrant colour palette that everything on the screen looks ready to jump out. Although there’s precious little Dolby Vision content out there this TV upscales so well you’ll see new life breathed into all lower resolution sources.

Often with wafer-thin models such as this there’s a compromise in sound quality, but be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. The four-speaker Harman Kardon audio delivers rich, balanced sounds that don’t let the side down. They can tolerate very high volume without distortion and are remarkably clear yet rich. Despite this, soundbars and home cinema systems always improve the soundscape, so you might want – but don’t necessarily need – to make use of the HDMI ARC or digital audio ports for this purpose.

This model is chockfull of amazing features. You’ll get both Freesat HD and Freeview HD, allowing you to watch hundreds of SD and HD channels for free. There’s PVR functionality to record your favourite programmes via USB and build up your own libraries. LG’s superb WebOS opens the door to a vast range of on-demand and catch-up services. The awesome Magic Remote feels great in the hand and controls your TV with a mix of ergonomic buttons and a wireless on-screen cursor. And finally there are three HDMI ports, three USB ports and various wireless options to ensure a decent level of connectivity.

What’s hot:

  • Lovely-looking model
  • Incredible picture quality
  • Oodles of features

What’s not:

  • Not OLED
  • Could do with an extra HDMI slot
  • Not the cheapest

Why you should buy it: You may not get OLED, but you won’t miss much – especially as it means a much more palatable price tag. UK buyers still get an absolutely stunning HDR display with consummate audio and a fantastic range of features.