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Every feature under the sun in one near-perfect Smart TV

Samsung's 8-series has proven popular and for good reason. The UE49KS8000 is a 49-inch non-curved screen Smart TV with great features, smashing picture and decent sound quality. It may be on the wrong side of the £1,000 price bracket in the UK, but buyers won’t be disappointed.

The screen is sharp, with 4K and HDR content looking fabulous. Samsung’s SUHD TVs are well known for delivering extremely clear and crisp imagery, with gleaming, nuanced whites and solid blacks. Brightness levels are twice those of standard UHD and Samsung’s screen technology is said to produce over a billion colours, fully reproducing the tones the human eye can pick out in nature. 4K sources come through well, although there are better 4K TVs on the market. Where the UE49KS8000 comes into its own is in its reproduction of HD imagery. It’s simply up there with the best of them, with the inbuilt Freeview HD and Freesat HD pictures looking absolutely incredible. Sports programmes really show off the capabilities of this particular television, as motion is captured with fantastic effect.

The Samsung UE49KS8000 creates clear, rounded sound, reproducing cinematic soundtracks and thunderous bass with consummate ease. There’s no obvious loss of quality when serious bass kicks in or the volume is turned up to the max, but if you want to create a truly immersive experience you can easily integrate this TV with a home theatre system or soundbar.

As with most top Smart TVs, this model comes with a host of features including the usual streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube. There’s an excellent all-in-one Smart Remote that can be programmed to take over all your system’s other devices and also a twin tuner PVR, which lets you record one programme and watch another simultaneously.

What’s hot:

  • Reproduces HD images brilliantly
  • Sound close to perfect
  • Great connectivity and masses of features

What’s not:

  • Viewing angles not the widest
  • For the price 4K images could be better
  • No SCART for backwards compatibility

Why you should buy it: This is very close to being a perfect Smart television. The pictures are great, the sound even greater, and it has every feature under the sun.