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Outstanding picture quality at a superb price. Packed with Smart TV features

The UE60KU6000 is another winner from Samsung, and at a price that won’t make your eyes water. This 60-inch non-curved 4K UHD television delivers a fantastic picture, great sound, and is packed with Smart TV features.

Samsung’s 6 Series TVs feature a number of technologies to bring the viewer an incredible immersive visual experience. In addition to the excellent HDR content there is UHD Upscaling, UHD Dimming and PurColour which, combined, create pictures that shine in glorious true-to-life colour. The depth and clarity of HD and 4K content on the UE60KU6000 is a marvel to behold. And with a highly effective four-stage UHD upscaler, you’ll see your favourite old shows and movies through new eyes. Noise is automatically removed, so even regular SD content comes through with a satisfying level of vibrancy and detail.

The sound quality of the UE60KU6000 is very decent indeed. Its 20 watt audio output allows you to pump up the volume with minimal distortion in the upper and lower ranges. The soundscape is well balanced and adds to the overall cinematic feel to this model. Of course you can always use one of the three HDMI ports or digital audio output to connect a soundbar or home cinema system, but if you’re looking to save a few pennies the inbuilt speakers are robust enough not to make this mandatory.

All the usual modern Smart TV features come with the UE60KU6000, with the exception of 3D compatibility. This might irk those of you who’ve invested in a library of 3D Blu-ray movies, but Samsung aren’t alone in moving away from 3D technology. Other features include Smart Hub for connecting to online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, Samsung’s Cloud Gaming service for console-free gaming, a Smart View app for sharing content between your TV and other devices, and Samsung’s user-friendly Tizen operating system. A Quad-Core processor makes navigating menus and channel hopping nicely responsive. There’s also PVR for recording and pausing live TV and if you fancy rigging up a few sensors (not included) you can dim your lights, adjust your speakers and heating levels, set your TV to turn itself on when you enter the room and many other futuristic functions to impress your friends.

What’s hot:

  • Incredible picture (especially the HDR)
  • Superb inbuilt speakers
  • Massive range of Smart TV features

What’s not:

  • Quite high energy consumption
  • Could do with another HDMI port
  • No 3D compatibility

Why you should buy it: For the UK buyer there aren’t many better televisions in this mid-range price bracket. 4K and UHD content looks absolutely fantastic, and the sound quality is so good you can save some pennies on a soundbar.