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65 inches of beautiful design and stunning sound and image quality

This is another firecracker from Samsung; a whopping 65-inch 4K HDR UHD Smart TV that’s beautifully designed and delivers stunning 4K pictures with the best of them. With decent sound and a host of great features, there’s a lot to commend here.

It may be an entry-level 65-inch 4K HDR screen, but that doesn’t mean much sacrifice in quality. Utilising Samsung’s 360 Degree Design the TV looks fantastic from all angles – a real work of art. Once you turn it on your jaw will drop at the stunning clarity of the 4K and HDR content. It’s a real shame there isn’t more being made in these formats yet. Active Crystal Colour technology and Auto Depth Enhancer are present to widen the colour spectrum and deepen your picture and the result is a seriously sharp image that almost looks more real than reality. Standard HD images also look fantastic with Samsung’s four-step 4K upscaler. If we have a slight bugbear it’s that the Auto Motion Plus feature doesn’t quite prevent a tiny of bit of blurring during fast action sequences.

The sound quality is good if not exceptional. Although quite clear and pleasant in the higher and mid-ranges, when extreme bass kicks in the 20 W speakers struggle to reproduce perfect audio, so we would recommend using the supplied HDMI ARC or digital audio out connections so you can connect a third party speaker. There’s also the possibility of wirelessly connecting to a Samsung soundbar.

In terms of features the UE65KU6400 has both Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners so you’ll never run out of things to watch. Smart Hub allows you to connect to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, while SmartThings lets you monitor your rooms from the set, and even adjust the lighting and heat levels with a series of sensors (not supplied). Playstation Now is a great feature for gamers, enabling you to play PS3 games without needing a console. Finally, Extended PVR lets you pause and record live TV with any USB storage device.

What’s hot:

  • Amazing 4K HDR picture
  • Oodles of features
  • Good value for money

What’s not:

  • Slightly restricted viewing angle
  • Could do with one more HDMI port
  • No 3D or SCART

Why you should buy it: UK buyers can enjoy a vast array of Smart TV features to keep even the hardest-to-please happy. The 4K HDR picture rendering is top notch but for a commensurate audio experience we recommend investing in a soundbar.